Zentangle® Classes

All classes last approximately 2 hours unless otherwise noted. Classes are taught in the Conejo Valley and West San Fernando Valley of the greater Los Angeles area. Please contact me for class location. 

I would LOVE to see you at one of my Zentangle classes! Classes are for all levels, but I definitely suggest taking the Introduction to Zentangle class, or having prior experience taking class from another CZT before taking my other offerings.  You will receive a mini kit in the Introduction to Zentangle Class. Please bring this kit with you to all other classes. Please  contact me with any questions. {ha dot designs at yahoo dot com}

*** No classes will be held while I continue to recover from surgery. ***

Classes will be held in Westlake Village. Location will be sent to you after purchase of class, or contact me.

Zentangle Classes Syllabus

Introduction to Zentangle
No prerequisite required.
This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful world of Zentangle. You will learn the history, methodology, and the steps of creating your very own original Zentangle art. This is a wonderful place to start for all… whether it’s your first experience with Zentangle or you’ve been tangling for awhile, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself and be ready for more! (You will receive a kit at this class. Please bring this with you to any other class.) Materials included.

***All following classes are "Beyond the Basics." The Introduction class is a prerequisite.***

String Theory
Come explore the world of Zentangle strings! This basic skill will teach you how to confidently get started on your art without worry or planning. You will learn how to incorporate different tangles and how to transform them into interesting shapes… opening up opportunities and surprises. 

Grid Tangles
The world is full of amazing patterns… You’ll see them everywhere! Many of the tangles in the Zentangle collection are rooted in the form of a grid. This class will break down these tangles and investigate the huge differences subtle changes can make. Students will create beautiful tiles integrating the newly learned tangles.

Monotangles & Tangleations (Tangleation Exploration)
This class will explore the art of covering one tile with one tangle. Students will learn tangles that lend themselves to this particular approach and explore the infinite directions you can take with that one tangle. You’ll never look at a tangle the same way!

Shades of Gray
Zentangle art really comes alive with that final touch of adding your “shades of gray.” Come look into all the paths you can take with your pencil once the tangling is done. Students will learn tangles that have unique shading options and see how they transform your work. You will be surprised how subtle shading techniques can totally change the look of your tile.

Dewdrops & Enhancers
Is that a drop of water on your art?! Learn how to create this beautiful (but safe) effect without the use of water! This technique really adds another sense of dimension to your Zentangle art. We will have fun exploring additional tangle enhancers as well. 

Transitions (Tangle to Tangle)
Do you ever wonder which tangle to use next? This class will play with the idea of using the other tangles on the tile to dictate the next. Learn how to weave one tangle into the next and create a different symmetry in your work. A fun exercise to play with and add to your on going Zentangle practice. 

A Drop of Color
It is often said, when talking about color and the Zentangle method, that it is the tangles that actually take on the roll of color. Using the basic black and white and shades of gray allows us to focus on the patterns. That being said, every once in awhile adding a little bit of actual pigment can be so fun. In this class we will explore some different ways to add color to our tiles. We will use a variety of mediums and techniques to see what just “a drop of color” can do.

Introduction to Black Tiles
Ahhhh… It’s time to reverse the roles! This class teaches you the fun techniques of using white pens on black tiles. Students will learn how to work with gel pens, finish with the whet chalk and play with layering techniques. We will work with tangles that lend themselves to interesting results when working on the black paper. Black tiles are a fun alternative for creating Zentangle art!

Introduction to Zendalas (Zentangle’s Mandala)
It is not known where the ancient art form of mandalas originated. What is known, is that it has grown to be used in so many cultures and now we are using it in Zentangle. Circular pattern drawing is both relaxing and fun. The results are amazing and the process is easily learned. This class will look at the many different types of mandalas and go through the process of creating Zendalas using different templates. You will fall in love with these tiles and the rhythm of working in circles. 

Introduction to Renaissance Tiles
Journey back to the time of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Taking some time to study the iconic characteristic of these master drawings, we will then extrude the techniques that make these works of art so recognizable. Working with tan paper, black and brown pens, and more tools to take the world of Zentangle back in time. 

Border Art
Come spend the evening using your Zentangle skills to create beautiful borders. Become inspired to create borders of rmattes on frames, greeting cards, signs, place cards, and more. Explore specific tangles that work well in this medium and how to incorporate your string into this new format. Class will focus on making place cards, perfect for any special holiday or dinner party. This will be a fun class and great way to show off all your tangling skills to your friends and family. 

Zentangle Inspired Art 
This fun workshop will have you trying new techniques and working out of the box! Class project will be determined by the season… Tangle a pumpkin? How about a holiday ornament? An egg? Create some gorgeous jewelry? Found poetry? More details to come! 


  1. I'm interested in taking a class, when you start offering them again. Please let me know.

    1. Thanks so much for your interest, Leslie. I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to post when I'll be offering classes again as soon as I know. It will definitely be awhile as I am awaiting another hand surgery, plus recovery time. There are lots of wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers in this area as well, if you would like to take a class from one of them in the meantime. You can find the list of teachers at Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a comment! Have a wonderful art filled day!


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