Friday, August 18, 2017

D1 and Square One

I was excited to see that my virtual friend, Marguerite Samama, is the guest blogger for the diva this week! YAY Marguerite! Challenge 329 is to use the fragment D1. I was not familiar with it, but was sure inspired by all of Marguerite’s gorgeous samples. Just wow!

I decided I would use D1 along with the new tangle by CharKat, Abukas. Oh my! What a FABULOUS new tangle! I will definitely revisit it often. It is open to so many variations… I. Am. In. Love! 

Thank you Marguerite and Charlotte for inspiring a wonderful day of art!

I am thrilled and honored that today my new tangle, haKrall, is the focus tangle for the FANTASTIC Facebook group, Square One™ : Purely Zentangle® this week. Here’s the tile I created as the sample for the group.

I’d LOVE to see any and ALL creations with haKrall! Please remember to #haKrall for any art you post to the Zentangle mosaic (@hadesignsCZT) or Instagram (@hadesigns)/Facebook.

Thanks for spending a bit of time with me… have a wonderful, art filled day! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Garden View

Yayyyy! It's time to work on another Diva Challenge! The guest blogger this week for challenge 328 is Suzanne Fluhr. I regularly see what she is up to via her awesome blog. The challenge she set forth was to use her lovely tangle, Aloha, in a tile. 

I was first introduced to this tangle while attending Lynn Shelton Mead’s class at Tangle U in Naples, Florida earlier this year. I loved the bold floral look!  After reading Suzanne’s post about the creation/inspiration for this tangle, I was definitely feeling the island atmosphere. I added my new tangle, haKrall (step out updated today!), in the background and added a sunset of colors… creating my “Garden View.” 

Diva Challenge 328 : "Garden View" 

Thank you again, Suzanne, for a fun challenge! It was wonderful to escape to the islands for a bit! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Weekend Inspiration & haKrall Tangle Step Out

This past weekend was so. much. FUN!

Norm and I had a little getaway to Santa Barbara. We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast, enjoyed time with friends, I attended a fantastic heart centered meditation workshop with our daughter, we saw DIANA KRALL at the Santa Barbara Bowl, AND I deconstructed then reconstructed a pattern! Phew! It was busy!

Santa Barbara is such a beautiful seaside city… it feels like a vacation even if you just stop by for lunch! Our daughter, Leila, lives in the area, so we always have a good reason to go. I find it to be such an inspiring place… the architecture, flora, and weather are all delightful.

Simpson House Inn... Fantastic Bed & Breakfast place.
Front of main house.
More cottages in the back of the property.
Many lovely fountains adorn the gardens.
Norm had the great idea of inviting friends to join us for the concert and weekend. We had delicious dinners around town, and spent the days enjoying the weather and our gorgeous location. 

Lovely lunch with friends at the Four Seasons.
Gorgeous lotus beginning to bloom in one of the fountains.
Look at that vine!! 
Oh my... this is amazing!
These hibiscus blooms were as big as dinner plates!
I had been looking forward to this particular trip for months in anticipation of attending a Diana Krall concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I purchased the tickets the moment they became available! She is one of my VERY favorite musicians. I think of her as my creative muse… I tend to listen to a Diana Krall station while creating and/or cooking. 

I was so happy that I brought along some drawing supplies, just in case I had some moments to create. The weekend got even better when I had a few relaxing hours to work in my art journal/sketchbook in the garden. Earlier in the week I had taken a photo of a pattern that intrigued me… I began deconstructing and reconstructing it one line at a time… my pen tickling and whispering along in my journal as it told it’s story. 

The inspiration pattern found on a tv show!
It spoke to me of complicated ideas born from the simplest of seeds… of fragments turned on their axis to create something new… of exploration and the impact of scale. 

Drawing in the garden...
A tangle is born...
After completing a couple of samples, I started searching tangle patterns to see if a tangle had already been published similar to what I had just deconstructed. The closest relative I found was Pezember… however that tangle does not weave at each connection. If anyone knows if this has been deconstructed already and published somewhere, please let me know. In the meantime… here’s my step out for this tangle that I’m calling, haKrall.

{NOTE: The variation shows how you can scale or expand the tangle. As you become familiar with this tangle, you will start to notice that if you create sections of the fragments in a certain order you can create most of the transitions without the little hollibaugh style bridges. The shown variation is the easy peasy way of showing how I made the larger spaced samples. It looks great with less/more aura lines in step 3 as well!}

Tangle : haKrall

I’d love to hear how you like it! Please include #haKrall on any posting of art that you create and post in the Zentangle Mosaic app or instagram/Facebook. I’d love to be able to find your creations! {You can find me on Zentangle Mosaic @hadesignsCZT and on Instagram @hadesigns.}

Here are a couple of tiles completed with haKrall:

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