Saturday, March 25, 2017


This week's diva challenge 308 is all about your comfort zone... your "Mac n Cheese" of tangling. I did a lot of tangling this week as I prepared to teach an Introduction to Zentangle® class after taking about a year break mainly due to surgeries. 

I thought about what tile I might want to use as my submission, and decided that what meant the most to me this week is the art I created for each student who attended class. I enjoy creating a tile for each person, and tend to choose my comfort tangles to adorn them. Each one is drawn with love and welcome in every stroke. 

It meant more than I could have imagined to teach again... to get into that comfort of sharing such an amazing method with others. My heart filled with light and joy. I am so grateful. 

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Thursday, March 16, 2017


The diva challenge 307 this week has to be one of the most adorably taught tangles... EVER! Indy and Mazzy (7 and 5 years old) showed us how to draw, "Zingo." I smiled the entire time as I watched them create their tile. Such confidence and poise... so inspiring. I went classic Zentangle® with my submission, using a white tile/micron 01/pencil. I did add some light tangling to the background and a few details with the graphite left on my tortillon. In honor of Indy and Mazzy's amazing teaching style and lovely imagining,  I am titling this piece, "Gumdrops & Fairy Wings."

Diva Challenge 307 : Zingo : "Gumdrops & Fairy Wings"

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jewels of the Sea

This week's diva challenge 306 was posted on 3/06! I find that ever so AWESOME! The challenge was to use Lily Moon's pattern, Amphora. This was my first opportunity to draw this lovely tangle... as I experimented with it I realized I wanted to emphasize the feeling of the sea that it gave to me. I selected a tan tile and decided to use sea colors, blue and gray for my ink. Instead of using the first line of the pattern with the diamonds I started with circles to feel more like pearls/jewels to go with my sea theme. As I tangled, my mind wandered to a magical place under the sea where:

The sea waves 
and rolled
gathering and
mother of pearl
a gift.  

This tile is titled, "Jewels of the Sea." 

"Jewels of the Sea"
"Jewels of the Sea" side angle view

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Friday, March 3, 2017


Another fun week of creating for the Diva Challenge 305. The challenge this week is to use the tangles marasu and molygon... both are official tangles. I haven't played with marasu since attending seminar to become a CZT a few years ago and have explored molygon just a couple of times so it was fun to ponder how I would approach this challenge. I decided to use marasu as my string with molygon following the shape and growing as it went along. I filled each fragment of molygon with marasu details. As I turned the tile when complete to view it from all four sides I came upon the view that you see below... it reminded me of a frond preparing to "unfurl," hence the title. I adore the thought of these tangles combining and reaching for the light, growing together. I feel like each of these challenges guides me as I unfurl... reaching and growing in my zentangle and art practice.

Diva Challenge 305 : Marasu/Molygon : "Unfurl"

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