Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 66 : 03-06-12

Day 66 : 03-06-12 by ha! designs
Day 66 : 03-06-12, a photo by ha! designs on Flickr.
Spring is in the air...

Today I went to my first CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class. We discussed basic Emergency Preparedness... It was eye opening, especially the realities of how few resources are available to help if something widespread occurs such as an earthquake. The class is definitely putting me out of my comfort zone... That's good. I need to be prepared.

Cami brought something very important to my attention tonight before I went to bed. She wanted me to watch this video:

Watch it! It's important!

It was very eye opening and inspiring. Inspiring in a way that makes you want to make a difference as well... Cami has been putting signs up in support of this cause at school as well as telling people about it and asking them to write their senators/governors/congressmen to advise them of the need to do something about this travesty. We can not let this continue... We can not allow more children to be invisible... We can all make a difference!

I am very proud of Cami and her support of causes that are for the greater good. (She is also involved in a few clubs at school that: help the environment, discourage H8/Bullying, and Suicide Prevention Awareness.)

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