Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SUPER busy

It has been a SUPER, SUPER, busy day! We're having a big BBQ on Saturday so today was the day that I did all the shopping I could for supplies. It was A LOT! Cami was a great help. We made our lists this morning and then headed out for our day of errands.

We started by going to the car wash. My MINI was begging for a cleaning. This was the fun part of the day because I told Cami to bring her Nintendo DS so that she and I could duel guitar hero while we waited for the car... (I don't know how long the guy waved his rag before we noticed! C'mon... we HAD to finish the song!) NOTE: I did win AGAIN! 2 out of 3 games... YES! She did play on hard, ...whatever!

Then the real errands began! C O S T C O . . . Luckily we went today because I can't imagine what the madness will be like there tomorrow as people get their last minute shopping done for the 4th! We filled up my MINI with lots of good stuff, went home unloaded, fixed a quick lunch, double checked the list for Ralph's, and headed out again! We filled the car once again at Ralph's... It's a good thing I have that extra fridge in the garage! :)

Cami and I are all set to start with cooking tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll make the barbecue sauce, a couple of the cookie doughs and start some of the other organization. Friday she and I will do the baking. It's going to be busy but fun! I am so excited about having a big group over. We have plenty of BBQ's but I don't always invite friends. Norm always teases me that I don't have any... so for this party I invited a bunch of my volleyball friends... He keeps teasing me that a) no one will show up... or b) I had to invite strangers on the street! (He better not be right!) :)

All right... back to getting stuff set... (I sure do hope I have friends show up!) :)


  1. :o( Keith may be flying solo. :o(

    Alissa and I are both very sick. She ran a fever of 103.5 today and could nap because she couldn’t stop coughing. I felt bad dragging her down to UCLA. If we’re not better by Friday she and I will stay home on Saturday – I don’t want to risk getting anyone sick.

  2. OH NO!! You poor things... I hope you both feel better VERY soon!

    Remember... we're on the way if you ever need a little help with Alissa! Cami and I would have a blast having a "play date." :)

    You take care of yourselves... if you don't make it to this BBQ you know there will be more! :)

  3. that is funny....


    Holly, you have friends.... even though some of them are on the east coast now.


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