Tuesday, July 1, 2008

initial beauty

Initial Beauty... I like the sound of it! It's the new name for my initial/monogram cards. MommaB custom ordered this card to match the booties she purchased from me. It is going to be the card to go with the booties she's giving as a gift. She has inspired me to begin offering matching cards to go with some of my items... (I'm really excited about making a card to match the Skull Mary Jane Booties I have listed right now. I think that will be on next week's project list!) I hand cut, pierced, and embroidered the "j" on this card. It is mounted slightly above the card stock. The dimension really finished off the card nicely. YEAH! Initial Beauty! :)

I'm imagining lots of ways to play with initials... this is going to be FUN!


  1. welcome back Holly! I hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful time!!

    We're finally experiencing real summer down here (and LOVING it!). Dreading going back to cool SF weather.

    Got huge news for you but don't want to expose it here. I can't remember your email!! Send me an email on my gmail account so I can let you and Norm know.

    I'm so glad that Cami loved her gift! I had fun stamping those pages! Don't you just love that stamp??! I still have Leila's - ran out of time so it's almost finished and hope to mail it to her by the weekend we get back.

    All is well here.

  2. This card turned out great. I love the color combo.

    Luv ya

  3. Gorgeous! And it matches?! Amazing! Can't wait to see it in person.

    Thank you for taking all our custom orders. :o)

  4. TO: dizzy broad

    I LOVE the darling ballerina stamp! Cami has arranged all her gifts from you on her wall. It's so cute! She took a photo, we'll send it to you later. Today she is my pastry and sous chef. We have LOTS to do to get ready for the Q! Wish you and the family were around to join us!

    We're thinking of you all... and I'm hoping that you relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation! Let the worrying wait until you get home... :)


    TO: cox family

    Awww... Thanks Heady! You're always so sweet to me... :)


    TO: hugs we trust...

    OH MY GOSH!!! It is ABSOLUTELY my pleasure! Thanks for all your confidence in my art! :)

    I'm looking forward to starting on the clippies next week! :) YEAH!

  5. Hey Holly!

    I went to purchase this on Etsy and it's gone. :o( Did you take it down?

    It was gorgeous BTW.


  6. Hi Celina!

    I did take it down... Enjoy!

    :) Have a great day!


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