Wednesday, September 10, 2008

chocolates & radioactive scrambled eggs

I made these cute little chocolate candy tags for barneybetty today! It had been a little while since I had put together my little chocolates and I had fun cutting and pasting them into yummy candies. Thank you barneybetty for the order! :)

This morning I went to the hospital for the gastric emptying study. They had me eat some radioactive scrambled eggs (not yummy) so they could watch my digestion (or not). I had to lay still for an hour and a half in a confined space while the machine did it's job. I'm hoping that somehow I've gained some super hero trait through the radioactive eggs... at least maybe I could glow in the dark! :) I'll keep you posted! I'll get the results from this test next Friday when I see my gastroenterologist.

Hmmmm.... super hero traits... what would you choose as yours?


  1. Hey Holly,

    What super hero power do you think you are going to develop?


  2. Next Friday?! That's soooo far away. Hopefully they'll be closer to finding a solution for you. You can't live like this.

  3. nathan:

    I haven't decided yet... I have to think of something REALLY good! :)

    Hope you guys are doing well... give Zhanna a hug from me! :)

    *********************************** hugs we trust...:

    I'm having a better week so far... If it continues like this next Friday won't seem so far away. :) Mine is easy compared to what you guys have to face... I hate even complaining at all! Lots more difficult situations out there!


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