Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This month I joined the Yahoo Group, Zentangle® Inspired Art... The group offers a variety of monthly swaps that you can participate in if you would like.  I signed up for my very first swap, EVER! This all goes hand in hand with my inspirational word of the year, cultivate. This was a step towards cultivating my art. (More on my word of the year in an upcoming post.) It has been inspirational to look at photos that other members of the group have posted and very nice to be so warmly welcomed...

I decided to sign up for the Beginner Swap as a newbie to Zentangle and this group. It felt like the perfect choice to get my feet wet. The requirement for this swap was to create an artist trading card. I so enjoyed creating the card. It was fun to incorporate a couple of new patterns I've been working on, Chillon and Bales. Here it is, "Mystic Swirls."

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Mystic Swirls

So... in reading the details of the swap I saw that it was a nice thought to also send the hostess of the swap some little extra. I decided to draw a second artist trading card as a gift. I wanted to work on my Fengle so I chose that pattern as my base for this card. I titled this one, "Stargazer."

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Stargazer

While preparing these cards the group sent out a notification of a Bingo type game you could participate in during the month of February. The game is called, Zengo. Cute, huh?! The entry fee for this was to create an ATC or traditional Zentangle tile using a combination of black, white, pink, and/or red. I decided to complete this tile as well so I could ship everything all together. This is, "Tied Up in Knots."

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tied Up in Knots

After completing all three pieces I couldn't just stick them in an envelope without some special packaging. These are my little works of art after all! I wanted them to be showcased! (Plus the fact that I'm ALL about packaging!) 

Easel Cards

Easel Card : Detail

Easel Card : Front (& Packaging)

I can't wait for the recipients to get their art cards... :) It feels great to start the year by taking time to cultivate my art and share it with others.

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