Monday, November 10, 2014

My Challenge of THX...

You know what?! It really helps to know what the challenge is going to be ahead of time... This will be one of the first (and probably only) times that I will be one of the first submitters on Laura's Mr. Linkey list.

I am so thankful that Laura asked me to be a substitute challenge maker on her absolutely, fabulous, amazing blog while she is caring for sweet Artoo, who is recovering from surgery. (Laura, I'm sending more wishes and prayers for his quick recovery.) I so enjoyed the process of coming up with a challenge AND tying it to something very important to me. {You can read the post and all the challenge info here.}

Weekly Challenge #193 : TriTangle : Trio, Huggins, & Xyp (THX)
You can find the step outs for these awesome patterns by clicking the links below...

I really enjoyed having the extra week to figure out how I would draw my second tile... I planned on having it done early in the week, but once again, l am finishing late Sunday night... but the funny thing is... it's early!  The challenge hasn't gone live yet! Crazy! I LIKE IT! 

I imagined, as I created both of these tiles, Huggins representing the solid yet flexible form of gratitude, Trio as the love that emerges from gratitude, and Xyp framing it all or holding it all together. That's why I titled these tiles as I did: Spreading Gratitude, and Gratitude. 

So here is my second tile using this week's challenge.... "Spreading Gratitude"

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #193 TriTangle Trio, Huggins, Xyp : "Spreading Gratitude"
Weekly Challenge #193 : "Spreading Gratitude"

... and for reference here is the tile that I submitted with the challenge... "Gratitude"

Original Weekly Challenge #193 Tile : "Gratitude"

As a final note... I want to express my THX for my family. I feel so blessed to have their continual support, understanding, patience, advice, company, encouragement, honesty, loyalty, joy, laughter, and love in my life. I am grateful for the inspiration they give me to be a better person. 

I hope that everyone enjoys this month of gratitude and thanksgiving. Thank you for spending a little time with me... I hope you enjoy the challenge! (If you have a moment please leave me a comment... I'd love to hear from you!)

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