Friday, April 3, 2015

Audio Zentangle® Meditation #3, the Diva, and a New Weekly Focus

It has been such a busy time here... I meant to create this meditation last week and I obviously just didn't get to it. So many exciting things are about to happen. We'll be taking Cami to visit a couple of  college campuses so she can decide where she will go in the fall, AND I'll soon be off to attend Tangle U! Both are VERY exciting events! (Tangle U is a jam-packed event of Zentangle fun for CZTs.) New meditation later in this post!! ...wait for it... :)

I taught a "Dewdrops & Tangle Enhancers" class at the end of March. One of my students (soon to be a CZT! Yippee!) told me that she had shared my first audio meditation with her book club. Four of the participants had NEVER had any experience with Zentangle before... she showed me the photo... my heart was thrilled! THEY ALL CREATED BEAUTIFUL ZENTANGLE ART! No visual prompts were necessary. :) Thank you so much, Bonnie, for sharing this with me. (As to not give away the pattern to anyone who hasn't completed the meditation, I am not posting the photo here... However you can click this to see the photo! No peeking, if you haven't tried it yet!)

The Diva Challenge #211 this week is to use the tangle pattern, Flux. I created this tile using a brush pen, and shaded by smearing the ink slightly with a water brush. (Laura... I'm sending lots of healing thoughts Artoo's way. xo)

Diva Challenge #211 : Flux : Brush Pen Practice

I have begun to participate in a new weekly tangle focus. It is a video site created and maintained by CZT, Jane Dickinson, called Video Tangle. She curates daily Zentangle videos and produces weekly video slideshows focusing on that week's tangle. Last week's tangle was Munchin... here is my submission. (You can view all the lovely art submitted for this tangle on the video here.) It is fun to see your art in a video and the site has LOTS of great reference material! You'll have to check it out! 

Zentangle® : Munchin
Munchin Focus Tile

So... now for the next installment of my Audio Zentangle Meditations. Here is the third one!

You will need the following:
Bijou Tile (2 inches by 2 inches) or Original Tile
Micron 01 pen
Tortillion or Stump
A nice quiet place and about 20 minutes

I would LOVE to read comments from all those who participate. If you would like, please post a photo of your tile on your blog/flickr/instagram, etc. and post the link in your comment. This will allow others to view your version of the mindful meditation challenge. It's so much fun to see everyone's artistic interpretation! DON'T PEEK UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE! NO CHEATING!!  (Already finished?! You can see my version here.)

Here are the links to the first two:

It seems that quite a few people have been listening to my Audio Meditations... (This makes me VERY happy!) I received notice from the audio hosting site that I had surpassed allowable traffic for my free account, and must upgrade to keep content available. So now I have a "Professional" account, which is the next level. Of course, there was an annual fee. I would love any help to defray this cost that anyone is willing or able to provide. You can find a contribution button in the side bar... Thank you SOOO much to any who would like to help out once in awhile. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting! I adore seeing who's dropped by... please leave me a little note! :)
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