Zentangle® Audio Meditations

Here are the links to the blog posts that contain the Audio Zentangle Meditations:

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#3 :
#4 :

I pay a fee to have Vimeo host these audios. I would really appreciate any help to defray this cost that anyone is willing or able to provide. You can find a contribution button below... There are three choices $2.50/$5.00/$10.00 just click to select. Thank you in advance SOOOO very much to any who would like to help out once in awhile. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

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  1. This is a slight double post, but there were no comments on this page and I felt the Audio Zentangle® Meditations were so good it wouldn't hurt to repeat myself. These are particularly good for people who don't have access to meetings run by CZT's. More about my experience with #3 on my blog here (SPOILER ALERT - don't look if you haven't done #3 first)

  2. Hi! I really like your Audio meditations! It is A way to get back to basics. Hope you will do some more!


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