Thursday, May 29, 2008

so much better

My stomach was much better today. No nausea... YEAH! Since I was feeling so much better today I didn't call the doctor to be put on a waiting list. I can always call if things change. It felt great to get some things done today that have been put on the back burner the last few days. I ran to the grocery store, did some organizing, got the MINI washed, changed the linens in the guest room (my sister, her daughter, Kavyn, and Kavyn's friend arrive tomorrow), took photos of the new Blossom Clippy and LISTED it, took Cami to volleyball practice, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted, finished reading the book I have to discuss in Cami's class tomorrow, AND now I'm blogging all the exciting details! (Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep...)

I am very excited about how these little Blossom Clippys are turning out. I love how the flower is NOT flat. I actually shaped it like a little flower with the "petals" rising up from the center of the bloom. I tried to show this shaping in this photo... it doesn't quite do it justice. I cut out lots of various sizes and colors, they are sitting in a pile waiting for me to begin transforming them. I'll add another color combination soon. (Project list for next week!)

Let's see... as I wasn't feeling well yesterday I didn't give the Wednesday volleyball update. I'm sure I have some "players" anxiously awaiting to see their name in this recap, so here goes!

Our team won 2 out of 3 last night! Hooray! We played a VERY good team and I have to give a shout out to JARED who is an AMAZING player (so fun to watch) and is definitely the catalyst on that team to keep them excited and fired up! What a great team player!

Our team recap:
1. ART - MVP for the night! Great serves, hits, digs (DEFENSE!), etc., etc. :)
2. DALE - So glad he's back! (He's been fighting a sore knee.) It made such a difference to have his great defense and smart play. He's not allowed to miss any more games!
3. JULIE - My gosh... she had some UNBELIEVABLE hustle to get some difficult balls... to top it off she was doing all this WITH an injury! (Dale... not everyone rests when they're hurt... I'm just sayin' :) ....) Julie also gets the "team spirit" award for the night. She's so great at keeping all of us on track and focused. That's a pretty difficult job! :)
4. BRENT - Very solid passing, serving, and setting!
5. BRIAN - Hit some great 2's! Super nice passing and defense too!
6. TOM - SUPER substitute for the night! Great all around play! (Garrett, where were you?)

No wonder we won two out of three last night! All three games were very competitive and it was a very satisfying match. Great job team! :)

Time for me to shut down... my visitors should arrive before lunch and we have a full day planned!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

purse listed

I listed the purse today! I finally decided to stop procrastinating (at least on one thing!)... I had hoped to accomplish more than I did today. I had an order from last night to package up, and I can't believe how long it took me to get it ready. I am definitely not feeling well... I can't concentrate and I feel VERY nauseous.

Tomorrow I will call the new doctor to see if they will put me on a list to come in earlier if they have a cancellation...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

f r u s t r a t i o n

I've been having trouble with my stomach again... I had another episode (this means vomiting... I know, YUCK!) in the middle of the night Sunday and I've been feeling kind of nauseous with my upper abdomen area kind of tender ever since. It's time to actually follow up and get to a specialist. I thought I was keeping it "under control" but the reality is I'm not. I've had a couple episodes in the past two weeks and it worries me.

A year and a half ago I had multiple tests done and it was very frustrating to not have specific answers... the only thing we knew for sure was that my lipase levels were high for a few days so my doctor thought that my pancreas must be involved somehow, possibly pancreatitis. So I was put on a "bland diet" for a couple of weeks and then my levels evened out and I began to feel better. Every time I see this doctor (general practitioner) he has me do lots of blood work but I don't see how this has helped as I'm not always feeling the discomfort when I see him so then the blood work results are in the normal range. I'm tired of paying more than $500 to have blood work that isn't really telling us what's going on. I'm not going to mess around with my family doctor on this anymore. I became so discouraged because I had an ultrasound and other tests done, and there were no real findings... he made me feel like I was dreaming it up. Very depressing.

So... today I decided it was just time to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. I have an appointment scheduled for June 9th. I feel a little better that I've taken some action toward trying to figure out why this keeps recurring. I guess the thing that I'm afraid of is that I'll go through a battery of new tests and still not know what's going on. Not to mention the cost... (sigh) I feel like crying.

OK... I have to think of something good now... Let's see... I worked on a couple of projects today! :) I cut out a new Blossom Card using some of the Amy Butler paper I bought over the weekend. I also made a new Blossom Clippy that should be ready for it's photo shoot and possible listing tomorrow.

I am ending the night on a good note... Paisley Skulls Blossom Card sold! I'll get it ready to mail to it's new home tomorrow in Glenside, PA! I love the message they are requesting... "hello sunshine"... It will be the perfect thing for me to start my day off with tomorrow... for now, goodnight moon.

Monday, May 26, 2008

recap & new list

Flower Clippy
Amy Butler Blossom Card
Work on Banner Design for Dizzybroad
Special Order - 48 cards

Relist California Roll Sushi
2 in 1 Purse (carry over from last week)
Flower Clippy
Amy Butler Blossom Card
Chocolate Truffle Pincushion

Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern - Completed
Rose Collection - Set of 4 Greeting Cards - Completed

CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion) - Listed AND Sold
2 in 1 Purse (!)
Blossom Card - Listed
Rose Collection - Set of 4 Photo Greeting Cards - Listed

I am very happy to have completed all the items on my project list last week. I didn't list the purse... we'll see about that for this week! :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

new blossom and mario

I had a chance to complete the new Blossom Card AND list it today! Another item complete on my list!!!! :) I love how the combination came together. I had to run to Michael's today to find a paper for the background. I didn't like any of the combinations I had. (It's amazing that I have drawers of paper and I couldn't find one I really liked! Sad!) As soon as I saw the black and white polka dot I knew it was the one... Of course, I didn't buy just that! I also found a nice set of Amy Butler papers that I think would make some gorgeous Blossom Cards, I couldn't leave without getting those! I think I'll have to add one of those to my project list for next week...

I couldn't resist adding this goofy photo of Norm and Cami. They have been playing a lot of Mario Kart on the Wii... you can tell because in this photo they have turned into Mario and Baby Mario. Cami is even looking cross-eyed! I might have to take video game privileges away for a little while (at least until the moustaches fall off!). I absolutely LOVE hearing them play games together, it makes me smile.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

clippy & dance

Earlier this year I created a bunch of felt flowers and have been wanting to use a couple to embellish a clippy... today I finally did it!

It was a so fun to sew together. I am going to make a little bunch of them... they are so happy and summer like! (I plan on making a few to list in my shop!) I wish I had made these for Cami when she was little, she would have been soooo cute with the little clippy in her hair! :)

I guess I have to admit that this is where my ACADD (Arts & Crafts - Attention Deficit Disorder) came into play today. I had every intention of getting the purse ready to list but got distracted by the "bright lights" and had to make a clippy instead. (Oh... I did cut out some pieces for a new blossom card too! That IS on my project list for this week!) Stay tuned... maybe tomorrow will be the day I FINALLY list the purse!

Alright, so now I have to say that I am EXTREMELY happy about something... what could it be? OK, don't laugh... but I am absolutely ADDICTED to "So You Think You Can Dance!" It was the first night of auditions tonight. Cami and I had a BLAST watching it. It's especially cute this year since Cami is SO into her dance classes and has decided that one day she wants to try out! I wouldn't be surprised. Once she puts her mind to something she works at it until she masters it. What a nice way to spend the evening... laughing together and enjoying the talent of some amazing dancers. I can hardly wait for the next episode! :)

Leila called today for my Caramel French Toast Recipe... She and a group of her friends are planning a breakfast potluck tomorrow and then they are heading to Six Flags for the day. They'll have so much fun and I know that her breakfast dish will be a hit! That french toast is one of Leila's favorite things for me to fix for breakfast when she's home.

Thinking of going to Six Flags makes me think that summer is almost here... Every year Cami and I go during the summer with a couple of our longtime friends. It's a tradition we've been doing since the kids were in kindergarten! Every year they're ready for another roller coaster! I love that summer is just around the corner... we have some great things planned! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

volleyball & thanks

OK.. OK.. OK... so I have a few matters of business to "blog" first... I just got home from the Wednesday night volleyball league and I did tell my team that I would mention here some of the OUTSTANDING plays of the night. I know they won't be able to rest until they see this... :)

1. Art served an "ace" on a jump serve! (Go Art! ... I won't mention the "cheese" that occured in the second game... oops! too late!)
2. Julie had some terrific sets on difficult passes! (Go Julie!)
3. Brent K. really helped out with some great passing and setting. (Go Brent!)
4. Brent M. substituted on our team tonight and really helped us out with some consistent play! (Go Brent!)
5. Brian had some really smart shots and great hits! (Go Brian!)

Now from all of this rah-rah you'd think we won all three games... alas, we won ONE. It's OK... It's our second week playing together as a team, we'll get it, we'll pull it together... right?!

Oh... I also promised that I would mention Jared's AMAZING jump serves in the second match, first game. (He's on a different team... but was one of our tournament players... he's part of "the crew"... I have to mention him... or he'd probably be very sad and pout and it just wouldn't be very pretty!)

While still on the volleyball topic... I posted a link to some photos of the tournament we played in Vegas in April. The link didn't work. I have fixed it, however, here's the link again to the AMAZING PHOTOS Tram took at the tournament.

Hopefully I've remembered everyone I was suppose to mention for the evening... :)

Thanks to everyone who has opened an RME account using my referral button! You're the best! It will be interesting to see if it gets as big as Paypal has. I remember getting all my family and friends to sign up for it when it first started too.

Today my California Roll sold along with a set of Chocolate Truffle Cards and Collage Tag Set. UniquelyPampered has been keeping me busy... I really appreciate her confidence in my art AND all her purchases. Thanks! (You should check out her shop for wonderful items to pamper yourself with!) I'll be busy tomorrow getting the package ready to ship out... YEAH!

I think I'm ready to list "the purse"... My list of excuses really haven't been very good... it's time to take the plunge and just see how it goes!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I joined ravelry today... (I had signed up on the waiting list a few days ago!) I was happy to get the invitation this evening. I've spent the last hour looking around AND adding my "Tree of Life Afghan" project. I think it's going to be a great place to keep track of all my knitting and crocheting projects. I love the pattern and yarn stash features. Really great place! Thanks SimplySusan for telling me about it! Get on the waiting list... you'll love it if you do any type of knitting or crocheting!

I finished another item on my list today! The Rose Collection photo cards are completed AND listed. I really love the four photos I used for this set. It's a nice variety of colors: white, pink, orange, and red. Beautiful! I spent some time taking photos of the purse I plan on listing this week as well. I need to finalize my write up and then it should be ready!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I just signed up for Revolution Money Exchange! I LOVE the idea of NO FEE for buyer OR seller! You have to check it out! I'm more excited about this than I was Paypal many years ago! I could definitely use saving a little money... :)

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

There's even a bonus to sign up right now... they're giving away money! :)

yummy sushi

I'm starting off well... I listed the Sushi - California Roll! (It's already been reserved!) YEAH! :) I will definitely need to start another one soon... It looks so yummy sitting there... I think I'm hungry for lunch!

I enjoyed taking the photos, I found that my file size was definitely way too BIG using my new fancy camera... so it took a little longer for me to adjust the photos I wanted to use sizes, etc. prior to posting. I'm going to have to streamline this process. I'm sure I'll get faster as I become more familiar with my photo program/camera. I sure do LOVE my new camera! :)

OK... on to my next project... Let's see what else I can get done before I pick up Cami from school!

recap & new list

Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern - carry over (3rd week)
Rose Collection - Set of 4 Greeting Cards

CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion)
2 in 1 Purse (!)
Blossom Card
Rose Collection - Set of 4 Photo Greeting Cards

CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion) - carry over (2nd week) - Completed!
Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern - carry over (2nd week)

I am very happy that I had a chance to complete a new California Roll... It's in "make up" right now getting ready for it's photo shoot! (This one has already been reserved...) :) I'll keep those needles threaded, ready to start the next one!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

H O T and delicious

It's been SUPER hot! The last few days have been hitting high 90's and up to 105!!! The worst part of it is our air conditioner is broken! It won't be replaced for a couple of weeks... (sip, sip -trying to stay hydrated!) I think this heat wave is supposed to subside in a day or two, thankfully... I feel like I've been sweating non-stop!

Our break from the heat was to take a drive over the "hill" to have dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Malibu. The temperature was a lovely mid 70's and the best part was, as the sun started to go down I actually was able to put on a sweater! It was refreshing! :) We shared a couple of pizza's and a salad. It was so nice to eat out on the patio and not be panting from the heat! I really enjoyed the food... the pizza was DELICIOUS, as was the salad! This pizza (photo) was called "Three-Three-Three" because it had three types of cheese (fontina, mozzarella, feta), three fresh herbs (basil, oregano, thyme), and three toppings (mushrooms, olives, tomatoes). It was very fresh and light, especially with the salad. The perfect dinner after a very hot afternoon...

We then took the "long way around" and drove along PCH before heading back home. It was lovely to watch the sunset over the ocean. A beautiful ending to a very hot day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

a NEW...

Here's proof... I worked on my sushi pincushion today! YEAH! It felt good to sew all the "rice!" My sewing machine was pretty happy to see some action once again. I really want to finish it tomorrow because I can HARDLY wait to take photos... why? NORMIE BOUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I can hardly believe it! He got me a nice Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR... I feel so super spoiled. The pressure is on... now I really have to take nice pictures! :) (This photo was with my old camera this morning...) The camera was a gift for our anniversary (on Sunday), I was lucky to get it a few days early. ("So you can play with it all weekend!" he said.) Did I tell you how lucky I am? WOW! It was the most super, thoughtful thing ever... thanks! :)

I've spent the last couple of hours reading the manual (yes... I am one of THOSE people) while I waited for the battery to charge. Once it was finally charged I tortured Walter a little bit by taking photos of him while he tried to nap. I'm so excited I just want to stay up all night and mess around with it, but I know that's not a good idea... that 5:15 alarm rings pretty loudly.

I'm off to dream of my husband (he had to be first, considering...), a beautiful new camera, photo opportunities, art, projects, and just how fortunate I feel right this minute...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

happy birthday honey...

Happy Birthday Normie! Today is my husband's birthday... Here he is with Cami. They're playing his new Mario Kart Wii game. It was so much fun! (Game was Cami's idea.) Leila added to his DVD collection with all three Bourne movies. He was very excited about this gift as well! He loves peanut butter and chocolate so for the "cake" I made peanut butter and fudge brownies... Boy, were they rich! I will definitely have to walk MANY hills to burn that off! :) Honey... you deserve the best... I hope all your wishes come true!

Cami had her school play performance today as well. She did an amazing job! The whole class really worked hard and it showed. I'm so glad that Norm and I were able to go and enjoy this together. We were so proud of all the hard work and practice she's put into getting ready for this day.

I packaged up the Paisley Skulls Blossom Card today... It's going to Yonkers, NY! I love mailing packages all over and I always anxiously await feedback! I LOVE reading that stuff! :) I am looking forward to working on the sushi tomorrow. I plan on getting started first thing in the morning as Cami has a minimum day (12:15 dismissal). I haven't played with my sewing machine for a couple of weeks... it's going to be nice to hear that motor hummmmmm....

Monday, May 12, 2008


Not a productive day for me today. (Although I did make it to Costco AND changed the linens.) I have really had a hard time keeping my eyes open... It's kind of gloomy outside. Weather for taking a nap. It was so bad I wasn't even looking forward to playing volleyball tonight... (that's REALLY bad for me!)

I have lots of errands to run tomorrow.... no lazing around allowed! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day! My family planned the perfect day for me. I played volleyball in the morning and then came home to a delicious bagel brunch. Cami and I hung out in the spa for awhile while Leila took a nap (Walter joined her... He is definitely a snuggler!). Norm fixed a yummilicious BBQ rib dinner. I've eaten enough to last the week! :)

Cami made me the cutest flower pen with a matching notebook. They are adorable! I can't wait to use them in my office! I absolutely love it when the girls make me things. It makes me happy to think of the thought and care they've put into their gift. They are both so creative and artistic, I'm always thrilled with what they come up with! Leila took some of the cactus bloom and desert landscape photos I've taken and transformed them (via photoshop) into AMAZING art prints! She framed them perfectly as well! They are beautiful... gallery ready! I can't wait to hang them... Words can't fully express how overwhelmed I was by this gift... It was like seeing my art and Leila's art come together... I'm very proud! Thank you Leila, Cami, and Norm for making me feel so special. I love my family!

My mom LOVED the tree of life afghan that was her present for Mother's Day. (Read about it here.) I was so excited about her opening it. I could barely fit it in the box to mail it (flat rate... to save money!) so I couldn't wrap it. So Heather had the brilliant idea of me mailing it to her so she could wrap it and take it to Mom. (Of course, she had to torture me that she never received it and didn't know what I was talking about!) Thanks Heather for making the presentation of my gift perfect! You're the best! :)

recap & new list

CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion) - carry over (2nd week)
Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern - carry over (2nd week)

Custom Order of 40 photo greeting cards - Completed & delivered
Complete Tree of Life Afghan - Completed! Mother's Day Gift
CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion) - carry over from last week
Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern - carry over from last week

This week I'm not adding any other projects to the list. It will be a busy week with Norm's birthday and our anniversary. I will be very happy to work on and complete these two items that I have now carried over twice! :) Time to get them done!

Friday, May 9, 2008

plastic surgery results

Look at that....

My baby's back home! All spic and span and good as new after the plastic surgery. Ohhhh.... it's so good to see it sitting in the driveway once again. I can hardly wait to drive it to volleyball Sunday morning. All my volleyball friends have been missing it as well! :) I was definitely a little nervous as I drove it home... I don't want ANYONE else to run into my little MINI! (Check out my April OUCH! post to read what happened...)

I completed the set of cards for Eva today! I put them on her doorstep and she called me about an hour later. It was sooo nice to hear how much she loved them! She was excited to give her friends sets as gifts. About ten minutes after I spoke with her my phone rang again... Eva wanted to order 48 (!) more cards for next month! YEAH! I'm so glad that she loves them! :)

Let's see, my last post I mentioned that the twins were in the hospital... well... they went home yesterday afternoon, but my mom called earlier today to say they were returning to the hospital. They still aren't able to keep anything in their little systems. Get well soon sweeties... Meanwhile, my dad is now starting to get better from the same illness and my mom came down with it today. Sounds like pretty rough stuff. Everybody batten down the hatches and GET BETTER!

Norm, Cami, and I went to see Iron Man. (We tried to take one of Cami's friends... I ended up having to run her home at the beginning of the movie because she suddenly felt sick. I missed about 20 minutes.) What a great, fun movie! We really had fun (except for being worried about the friend)! We don't go to movies often and when we do it feels like a very special treat.

OK... so I've completed a couple of items on my project list so far this week. (They were two BIG projects!) I don't often get a chance to work on projects on the weekend. I may have to forward those same two projects (sigh)...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I got a troubling call today... My brother and his twin daughters (1 year old) were all in the hospital. I guess they've been suffering from some yucky, intestinal malady over the past few days and now are all on IVs combating dehydration. They released my brother later in the afternoon but the twins will have to stay overnight. Poor little Jocelyn & Brynlee (OK.. Dan too!), feel better VERY soon!

My prints are here! I was able to do all the trimming on the photos, print, cut AND score the card stock... Tomorrow will be a day for LOTS of gluing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tree of life

I finished one of the projects on my list today! This was a HUGE project that I've been working on (here and there) for the past year... I am so excited to have this complete. I love the trees! Cable work amazes me. I always feel like I'm creating some magic! I also am very happy with the leaf border, I think it really finishes the blanket nicely. I felt so proud as I took photos of the finished piece.

As I made this afghan I had many hours to think of what the different elements meant to me. This afghan symbolizes the "tree of life" and the path we choose to take in that life. The field of posies between the trees is meant as a remembrance to always stop (and smell) and appreciate the beauty of life and all that it brings. There is sure to be some rocks in that field, but just as surely those posies will push through any obstructions and bloom again. I am very lucky to have a wonderful family and come from an amazing family. This afghan is a tribute to them and especially to my mom.

Monday, May 5, 2008

gift stress

I have that feeling like in Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark).... there's that big rock chasing you and you're barely staying ahead of it. I think I'm feeling like that because it's Norm's birthday next week and I can't seem to think of the perfect thing. I'm very frustrated. I don't have much time and everything I think will be good ends up on the scrap pile. It's really making me feel yucky in everything else... I really need to fix this FAST!

What am I going to do?....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

recap & new list

Custom Order of 40 photo greeting cards
CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion) - carry over from last week
Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern - carry over from last week
Complete Tree & Posy

Chocolate Magnet Set with Decorated Tin - Completed, listed AND sold! :)
CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion)
Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern
FINISH "the purse" - Completed!!!! Have not yet listed... maybe this week! :)

I know... I haven't really added anything "new" to this week's list (except the custom order, and that doesn't really count...). I want to be realistic and FINISH everything on the list this week! I know this is going to work and I'm going to be more productive... (I'm going to repeat this three times daily...) :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

p e a c e

Friday was a BIG day! (I know it's Saturday... I didn't have time to write about this yesterday... it was THAT busy!!)

The big event was that Leila had a big project for her Peace Communication class at UCSB. She decided to do it by teaching Cami's 5th grade class! She prepared about an hour's presentation. She began by talking to the kids about their perception of peace and what that meant and how it felt to them. She progressed through discussions of inner peace, using peace to solve conflict, peace in the classroom/family, and how to spread peace in the community. She did a TERRIFIC job! I am so very proud of her!!! :) The photo at the right shows Leila and Cami at the end of the presentation. (Additional photos here.) Leila is wearing a shirt she painted and altered. It was super cute and creative! Leila wanted to do an art project in conjunction with this project so Cami invited three friends over to the house after school. Leila continued her lesson with the girls and they had a wonderful time drawing images/thoughts that they associated with peace. The girls had such a great time and I think all the students really learned a lot and broadened their view of what "peace" really means.

Cami made two more peace shirts today. I was amazed at one she made based on her memory of the one Leila made... I have two extremely talented daughters! I am so happy to see them be creative and think outside the box! They cut the t-shirts (collars, sleeves, and shape cut-outs) and just made them into the cutest little boutique fashion shirts. WOW! I guess I feel proud that somehow I've encouraged them and allowed them the freedom to express themselves in ways that aren't always obvious.

All I can say is that I am in awe and so proud of my daughters... (sniff, sniff)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

good deed = ORDER

I found a note on my door this afternoon from Eva (my neighbor across the street)... She invited me to go into her backyard and take photos. She asked that I call her when I was finished. I was excited to have the opportunity to check out her backyard as I hadn't seen it before. The roses were amazing! I took many photos although the wind was blowing slightly and some of the shots I wanted to take just wouldn't cooperate. I was a little upset, because I felt like this was my only opportunity... I didn't want to be staking out her backyard every day! She might get tired of me and call the police! :) (She's a very private person, we've lived here for 5 years and have just exchanged cursory greetings in the past when getting the mail, etc.)

I gave Eva a call this evening after Cami and I returned from Cami's volleyball league. (I'm one of the coaches.) She asked if I would put together 10 sets (4 cards each) for her! 40 cards!!! :) I guess she really liked the set of cards I made for her as a gift for her to enjoy her roses a little longer! My good deed really paid off! I'm excited to get back into her yard tomorrow and take a few more shots, hopefully with no breeze! I'll print out my favorites for her to select from and then order the prints I need. This will be a fun order! (I just wish I could list it on etsy... I love seeing those "sales" numbers go up, alas, she does not have a computer (I know, shocking!)...) She's planning on giving the sets to her friends as gifts... It just makes me smile...

Tomorrow is a big day... Leila is doing a presentation in Cami's class for her Peace Communication class. She'll then do an additional art project with 3 of Cami's friends after school. She'll use the information she gets to prepare her class project. I'm excited to watch her in action!

Also... Norm's returning home from his Seattle business trip... It will be nice to have everyone home!
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