Saturday, December 27, 2014

Devastating Loss...

I've been gone awhile... On November 10th, my brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind his wife and two young children. It's been difficult to come to grips with... especially seeing the pain and sorrow that my sister-in-law, nephew, and niece are going through on a daily basis. It's heartbreaking.

Robert's memorial service was beautiful. The legacy he leaves is notable... but I will always remember his kindness, honesty, gentleness, determination, intelligence, love for his family, and sense of humor. These are some of the wonderful traits I see in the children, and this is where I see Robert's legacy living on. When it comes down to it those are the things that are important. 

The girls and I took time to have a tribute Zentangle® class with some of our family. We used the string "R" in memory of Robert. I hope the meditation of Zentangle will continue to be a comfort to our family members...

In Memory of Robert...
I thank Robert, for the wonderful memories of our families spending time together, and for the gift of reconnecting once again with loved ones. You will be sorely missed...

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Challenge of THX...

You know what?! It really helps to know what the challenge is going to be ahead of time... This will be one of the first (and probably only) times that I will be one of the first submitters on Laura's Mr. Linkey list.

I am so thankful that Laura asked me to be a substitute challenge maker on her absolutely, fabulous, amazing blog while she is caring for sweet Artoo, who is recovering from surgery. (Laura, I'm sending more wishes and prayers for his quick recovery.) I so enjoyed the process of coming up with a challenge AND tying it to something very important to me. {You can read the post and all the challenge info here.}

Weekly Challenge #193 : TriTangle : Trio, Huggins, & Xyp (THX)
You can find the step outs for these awesome patterns by clicking the links below...

I really enjoyed having the extra week to figure out how I would draw my second tile... I planned on having it done early in the week, but once again, l am finishing late Sunday night... but the funny thing is... it's early!  The challenge hasn't gone live yet! Crazy! I LIKE IT! 

I imagined, as I created both of these tiles, Huggins representing the solid yet flexible form of gratitude, Trio as the love that emerges from gratitude, and Xyp framing it all or holding it all together. That's why I titled these tiles as I did: Spreading Gratitude, and Gratitude. 

So here is my second tile using this week's challenge.... "Spreading Gratitude"

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #193 TriTangle Trio, Huggins, Xyp : "Spreading Gratitude"
Weekly Challenge #193 : "Spreading Gratitude"

... and for reference here is the tile that I submitted with the challenge... "Gratitude"

Original Weekly Challenge #193 Tile : "Gratitude"

As a final note... I want to express my THX for my family. I feel so blessed to have their continual support, understanding, patience, advice, company, encouragement, honesty, loyalty, joy, laughter, and love in my life. I am grateful for the inspiration they give me to be a better person. 

I hope that everyone enjoys this month of gratitude and thanksgiving. Thank you for spending a little time with me... I hope you enjoy the challenge! (If you have a moment please leave me a comment... I'd love to hear from you!)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tangling Around...

October... a perfect month for tangling on one of the awesome, faux pumpkins from Michaels! I've been working on this off and on for the past few weeks. It was so fun (and challenging) to work on a round surface. I used the Sakura IDentipen and a Copic grey pen for shading.

I taught a class early this month using these pumpkins. I prepped them with chalkboard paint for each participant. This chalkboard area can be changed as wanted by using chalk or chalk pens. Draw in a jack-o-lantern face, write a message, or a menu... endless possibilities! I know I will be happy to use this pumpkin year after year.

A Zentangle® Inspired Pumpkin
Finally finished! A Zentangle Inspired Chalkboard Pumpkin!
Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tangled Chalkboard Pumpkin (bottom)
Pumpkin Bottom
Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tangled Chalkboard Pumpkin (Left)
Left Side
Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tangled Chalkboard Pumpkin (Left Back)
Left Back
Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tangled Chalkboard Pumpkin (Right Back)
Right Back
Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tangled Chalkboard Pumpkin (Right)
Right Side
Zentangle® Inspired Art : Tangled Chalkboard Pumpkin (Front)
A Zentangle Inspired Chalkboard Tangled Pumpkin!
I had to get in the Halloween spirit with my nails too! I decided to go sugar skull style... dia de los muertos with a little accent of black and white damask!

Dia de los Muertos Nail Art
Sugar Skull Nail Art
I have a couple more pumpkins prepped and ready to go... Maybe I'll be able to create my very own Zentangle Inspired pumpkin patch!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Challenge-ING Week

I'm back to my old ways... posting at the last possible moment! I guess I'm just happy I had a chance to participate in the Diva's Weekly Challenge again! YAY! This is Challenge #184 : ING. The funny thING is I just posted a photo I drew of ING last week along with the UMT Challenge. I briefly considered being v-e-r-y lazy and reposting it since I knew I had a busy week... but. that. would. be. cheating. and. that. would. not. be. good. I wanted to experiment  with the pattern a little more than I have, so it was fun to fashion it into a frame with a combination of large and small zig zags. I enjoyed filling it with a variety of tangles; paradox, crescent moon, and some tripoli inspired fillers. It seemed appropriate to call this one "Frame-ING."

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #184 ING : "Frame-ING"
Diva's Weekly Challenge #184 : "Frame-ING"
Cami and I taught a Beyond the Basics String Theory Class this week. I had so much fun trying to figure out what my special gift would be to the students attending this class... I considered many, many options... and then one day I was sitting outside admiring my collection of beach rocks that I keep in a basket... that's when I knew what I would do! I selected a variety, washed them well, painted on a sealer, and then I watched the bijou video again! I took notes of all the bijou-isms that appeared. So now... my continuing students (intro class students receive a name place card-click here for post) will have the opportunity to collect a new tangled rock with bijou-ism at each class they attend! Here is a sampling...

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Bijou-ism Collection
Bijou-isms : Student Gifts
This week's class was very small, but AWESOME! We LOVE our students! The kindest, most inspiring women! Here are a couple photos of class mosaics and art that they completed...

Gorgeous, aren't they?!

This is the Zentangle® Class Postcard I posted earlier this month at the yoga studio. I made a little business card holder that is next to it. 

Okay... the best for last... Here are the cookies I baked for class this week... (by the way... feel free to take one, but one MUST be saved for the Duchess... I promised her last week...) 

Yummy Peanut Butter S'mores
These are the super, delicious Peanut Butter S'more Cookies! Thanks for stopping by... enjoy the cookies! These are best with a nice, cold, glass of milk. There's plenty of delicious milk in the fridge... help yourself!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Whaaatttt... It's Friday and I'm posting a challenge... I know... kinda crazy... I am normally one of the very last to post on the weekend. I am happy I had a chance to start on this one during the week! This is the Diva's Challenge #183 : UMT X-Did pattern by Annette Carlo. I enjoyed playing around with this pattern and took some creative license to remove it from it's "frame." I alternated patterns and had the lines connect at each "X." I liked the resulting flow and thought this finished tile looked like jewels... so it's "Bejeweled."

I really enjoy participating in these challenges... They encourage me to step out of my comfort zone... to try something I might shy away from... I sit down, start drawing, and then I soon forget all about that I was feeling uncertain and intimidated. Thank you so much Laura!

Here is my version of X-Did:

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #183 UMT X-Did : "Bejeweled"
Weekly Challenge #183 : "Bejeweled"
I was so excited to see the launch of the step out for the newly released tangle, ING! I was so fortunate to be an attendee at one of the CZT seminars this summer where Rick, Maria, and Molly introduced this pattern... It is definitely amaz-ING! It's another wonderful tangle with limitless opportunities... Thank you Zentangle®!

Our family went on a relax-ING vacation last month at the beach. I was able to capture a photo of our newest celebrity catch-ING some rays... So here's "Play-ING Around."

Zentangle® Inspired Art : "Play-ING Around"
"Play-ING Around"
Thanks so much for stopping by... I hope you grabbed one of the cookies on the kitchen table... they taste ever so good with the cinnamon vanilla tea. (I'd love to hear from you!)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Paths and Classes and Waves...

I am a little slow in getting to the Diva's challenge this week... Luckily since today is a holiday no challenge is posted, so I'm going to use this little bit of extra time to slide my entry in... Weekly Challenge #182 : Stripes. I used Hollibaugh as my string and enjoyed tangling a variety of patterns... The finished piece makes me think of "pathways." Which one would you choose to take?

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #182 Stripes : "Pathways"
Cami and I taught Introduction to Zentangle® on Wednesday. It was another WONDERFUL class... I just must say... I think anyone interested in or practicing the art of Zentangle just must be the NICEST people!! I feel so very fortunate to be able to share my love of this method with others. I enjoyed creating more place cards for my students...

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Student Place Cards
Tangled Name Cards
Here are a few pictures from this week's class. (I have posted September class offerings under the tab "Zentangle Class Schedule" above. Sign up and join us, if you're in our area!) I ALWAYS love seeing all the tiles put together in a mosaic! We forgot to take pictures of the second tile that was in progress... Suffice it to say, they were all AMAZING as well!

Our nice little class set up!
August 27th Class Mosaic
Oh... if you haven't seen my oh-so-awesome-new-SQUARE-business cards... check them out on my last post here!!! Yippee!!

I almost forgot! Cami and I also took a couple of hours to have lunch at the beach to watch the extra large surf roll in from a couple of hurricanes roiling around in the Pacific... It was absolutely awe-inspiring! 

Thanks so much for stopping by for a bit... (Hope you had a lovely cup of tea and a cookie!) I so appreciate it (and the comments)!

Monday, August 25, 2014

I love SQUARES!!!

Best. Day. Ever. (I know... I'm kind of a geek... okay, maybe not kind of...)

Yippee!!! My new SQUARE business cards arrived today! I have been using MOO mini cards for-ev-er... but was hoping/praying/wishing that one day they would offer the perfect size (square) for zentangle® business cards! That day is NOW!!! I uploaded quite a few of my tile images, and wah-lah, lovely, 2 1/2" square cards! I am TOTALLY in love! (I know... seems kinda dramatic... but this is the kind of stuff that I get soooo excited about... hmmm... also gadgets!)

Wanna order your own AWESOME cards?! (Moo's mini cards, regular business cards, AND STICKERS are all amazing too!) Please use this code so that I can earn some referral dollars! 

Thank you soooo much!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Week of Firsts...

I am soooo happy to have had a chance to do the Diva's Weekly Challenge. This week's challenge was to let water inspire you. I knew I wanted to mess around with a couple of techniques I had not used in Zentangle® Inspired Art before. I just hoped it would work like I was picturing it in my mind... 

I started off with Sakura Glaze clear pen. I made my watery quipple along the tile, stopping every so often to let the previous orbs dry. I then took a few of my prismacolor pencils to start lightly layering color in the portion above the wave. I wanted this light variation of greens and blues to show under the glaze pen. I then added printemps in this section. Once the tile had dried completely I used some lovely blues to watercolor over the tile. This tile is the first I have completed with out ANY black ink or graphite shading! Oh my... This was so much fun! (It was kind of tricky trying to photograph this to show the light sparkling off the glaze pens... I think you can see it a little bit here.)

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #181 Water : "Breakers"
Weekly Challenge #181 Water : "Breakers"
Another first:

This week I had the amazing opportunity to teach my first "Introduction to Zentangle" class along with Cami, since becoming CZTs. It was a blast! I feel so fortunate to be able to teach this meditational art form to others. 

When I went to training one of the things that impressed me was the way that Rick, Maria, and the whole Zentangle family created a wonderful experience for us all. I knew that I would strive to do my best at each and every class to create this atmosphere for my students as well. I used bijou tiles to calligraphy my students names and then used Zentangle patterns to tangle each one. I thought it would be a lovely way to welcome my students... I created a little scallop frame to hold the tiles and made a bijou size "ceremony" card to place on the back. I also made little paper easels that I included in their kits. (I cut out all these with my AWESOME Silhouette Cameo!) Organizing it all for this class was very time intensive, but going forward it will be much easier since I have the templates all complete. I was so happy with how it all looked...

Zentangle® Workshop Prep
Preparing for Zentangle Workshop

Here is a photo that also shows the "Ceremony" steps I placed on the back of each place card.

I absolutely LOVED teaching with Cami. She is one of the world's youngest CZTs, and she is AWESOME! I was so very proud of her! My students were all amazing! I am looking forward to seeing them attend future workshops. One of the students, Eileen, left the most amazing testimonial on my artist page on Facebook... I have to share it... She absolutely MADE MY DAY! Here is what she said:

Eileen wrote: "GREAT INTRODUCTORY CLASS: Fun, fast-paced yet relaxing and artistically liberating Zentangle with Holly and Cami last night. I've seen miscellaneous web instructions, bought and read several books on the subject, and tried to practice Zentangle on my own but just wasn’t able to get into it until their class. In just a few hours this wonderful mother/daughter team covered the basics of pressure, strings, using designs, shading and much more. Both were very professional, well organized and great teachers. They love what they are doing and it shows. I left totally relaxed yet energized, inspired and confident that my inner artists was on her way out. It was amazing to see, given the same directions, how all student’s work evolved differently. Zentangle brings out the artist in everyone one line at a time. Looking forward to advancing my artistic side. Thanks Ladies!"

I couldn't have asked for a better way to start out! Thank you so much, Eileen!

Here are a couple of mosaics of the art work completed in class. (Completed one tile and started a second...)

As you can see, they all did a fantastic job!

I also have to mention that I completed my .... 600th BIKRAM YOGA class this week! Yippee!! It was a very eventful week!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Challenge at the Beach

This week we are taking a nice vacation at the beach... It is the perfect place to take the time to work on the Diva Challenge #179 : "Be Like Bijou." So I very... slowly... deliberately... worked on this tile while taking the time to enjoy my surroundings (and a cup of coffee). It was an absolutely lovely way to spend a morning!

Zentangle® : Weekly Challenge #179 : "The Wave"
"The Wave" (Knightsbridge & Flux)
Here are a couple more photos of our lovely view...

Clouds roll in...

Spot light...

... And minty fresh summery nails (perfect for the beach)!

Minty Fresh Summery Nails

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Double Challenge & Tangley Nails

Okay... So I admit it... I am cheating... I am combining the Diva's Challenge #176 and #177 in this entry. Weekly Challenge #176 : BYOB, was to spill your beverage of choice over your tile, and then tangle. I prepped my tile... and then it sat... and sat... and I ran out of time. Then it was time for Weekly Challenge #177 : "Truffle by Caroline Broady, CZT" which was to include Caroline's tangle in your entry. 

It's funny, I struggled looking at my spilled and splotted coffee, not certain how I wanted to begin (which is why it sat a week!)... and then as soon as I sat down and played around with truffle a little, deconstructing and separating it out, I knew exactly what to do with my tile. It's funny how things happen like that. I loved seeing Caroline's inspiration wallpaper and that guided me in drawing a few tangleations as separate sections... eventually becoming a prehistoric looking plant surviving an afternoon storm. (I couldn't help but think of this one resembling something... so Zentangle® Inspired Art!) 

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #176 & #177 : "Afternoon Storm"
"Afternoon Storm"

And now... Tangley Nails...

A couple of weeks ago my Mom called me to tell me about this AWESOME nail product that she thought I would love... I could upload my own art (WHHHAAATTT???!!!) and have  custom nail wraps made! I looked into it right away. PERFECT! (...imagining teaching class with super, cute, tangley nails... YESSSS!) I started looking through all the designs available, over 300!! I thought I'd start putting my favorites in the shopping cart... Oh. my. I put A LOT in my cart. I then decided I loved this product so much I was just going to jump right in and become a consultant! I signed up that night. (My sister is a consultant, so it was an even easier decision!) 

The girls and I had so much fun applying our nail wraps when they arrived a few days later! I wish I had taken a photo of them applying them... it was a blast! It was fun to see how we all three ended up with totally different manicures using the same 4 sheets of designs! (Another Zentangle similarity!) I absolutely LOVE that these nail wraps are non-toxic, latex free, last 2 weeks on fingers, 4 weeks on toes, can remove without harsh chemicals, doesn't damage your nails, no dry time, easy to apply, can get 3 or 4 manicures/pedicures from each sheet, etc... but mostly... I love being able to have fun, elegant, trendy, romantic, or whatever mood I'm in nails... I feel like it's another fun way to express my personality. How great is that?! 

I have been having so much fun with my Jamberry Nails. I obviously had to do some Zentangle Inspired Nails! (I think this is official terminology!) ;) 

Tangley Nails
Zentangle Inspired NAILS!!!
If you like you can check out the amazing designs yourself at my store. Nails wraps are buy three, get one free! (excluding collegiate/sorority/create-your-own.) I haven't designed my own yet... but it won't be long! Thanks again Mom and Harmony for this fun introduction! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Illuminating Challenge and a Completed Project

First things first... 

This week's diva challenge #175 : UMT Crux by Henrike Bratz. This was my first opportunity to draw Crux. Wow! I LOVE it! It's such a gorgeous pattern with so many tangleations possible. I started by drawing the basic pattern in my sketchbook... 

Mystery tangle made with first attempt... and then Eureka! 
Oops! I realized I made too many diagonal lines so that practice became some other tangle! I started again and realized where I ventured off on my own. :) There we go... Much better! I then started experimenting with the pattern transitioning from small to large to small again. I also wanted it to start escaping it's grid...

Rough sketch as I played with Crux...
I looked at the rough sketch I made and decided this was the path I wanted to take with my tile this week. I loved how the design resembled some sort of lantern... Probably a fairy lantern... This means it needed a little fairy dust, prismacolor pencils! I haven't used color much in my Zentangle® Inspired Art, it was fun to incorporate a little layer of color here. I was ready to create my tile! Here is my entry...

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #175 : UMT Crux : "Illumination"
Diva's Weekly Challenge #175 : UMT Crux : "Illumination"
The process was illuminating! So I named this tile, "Illumination." Perfect in more ways than one... I think the little fairies were happy too! 

Now about my FINALLY completed project...

I feel so lucky... I was asked to create some art for the back of a business card for one of my very favorite yoga instructors. (I am a HUGE Bikram Yoga fan! It changed my life! More on that another time!) Sachie has been an inspiration and encouraging to me throughout the past two years since I first began my practice. I felt like at one point most of my major break-throughs in class were due to her corrections and supportive words. (I do love, and learn tons from ALL the instructors at the studio!! Each one has taught me something very important.) 

One day, prior to class, I shared my excitement with Sachie about attending the then upcoming Certified Zentangle® Teacher Seminar (my previous post was about this AWESOME experience). She asked what Zentangle was... I described this wonderful meditative art method and showed her a few pictures of the art I had created. She loved it and asked if I would create something for her. I felt honored. I was so happy to finally be in the position to maybe give her back a little for all she has done for me. 

I really wanted her design to be something meaningful and special to her. I asked her to think about any pattern or image that was important to her. Later that day I received a text with some photos. Here is one of the photos...

I used this kimono as inspiration for the birds
and cherry blossoms...
The kimonos were ones that Sachie's mother (she passed many years ago...) had made especially for her for her coming-of-age day. She told me that her family loved those birds. She also said that the OBI (belt) was purchased on a special trip with her grandmother to Kyoto. She asked if I could include some elements of these into the design.

I knew immediately that I would include the bird, which reminded me of a phoenix. I also felt like it was fitting for her additionally as a hot yoga teacher... We are constantly "rising from the ashes." (You definitely feel like you have combusted into a fire ball during some classes!) I also loved the flowers which resembled cherry blossoms and decided to include that element also. 

Here are the initial sketches from my little traveling sketchbook...

Kimono Bird
Initial sketch of the bird...
Sketch studies of cherry blossoms...
After drawing the birds and cherry blossoms, I froze... I had to figure out how I could add my tangles without overcoming these elements. I had ideas and I could visualize what I wanted it to look like, yet I was anxious about adding them to the piece. As Sachie had told me to "take my time," I procrastinated... and procrastinated... and procrastinated... (you get the idea). I was partially distracted by getting ready for the CZT 15 Seminar. (OKAY... I know this is another excuse!) I had to set myself a deadline. I decided upon returning from seminar, my deadline to show her the finished piece would be the next class that Sachie taught in the morning. That date was July 3rd. So... July 2nd... (funny how that works, right?!) I got right to work and finished it. YAY!!!! (Yes... I was up VERY late!!) Here it is...

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Art for Sachie
Finished art for the back of Sachie's business card...
Thursday morning I showed Sachie... I am thrilled, she absolutely LOVED it! Yippee! I am very happy with how it all came together. I feel like I was able to represent her in a very artful way. (I also acknowledge that I must set deadlines for myself...) :)

I'd love to hear from you... please leave a comment. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Challenge and a CZT Adventure...

WARNING!!!! This post is exceptionally long, BUT, I had to post my diva challenge piece AND talk about attending the AWESOME CZT Seminar 15 in Providence (plus a few days in Boston)! Hang in there... get a cup of coffee and maybe a cookie, or if it just seems like too much, just take a look at the photos! :)

Let's start with the fabulous diva's weekly challenge: Weekly Challenge #174 : Superimposing Strings (via guest challenge creator Aimee Belair, CZT) As it is the 4th of July this week, I decided to take it in a patriotic direction. I drew a star string and then waving stripes as the superimposed string. So without a lot of additional fanfare here is my entry for this challenge... (I have to hurry to get to the knitty gritty of this post!!)

Zentangle® : Weekly Challenge #174 : Superimposing Strings : "Stars & Stripes"
Diva's Weekly Challenge #174 : Superimposing Strings : "Stars & Stripes"

Okay... now for the adventure! The girls and I flew out on a red eye from Los Angeles to Boston.  We were pretty bleary eyed (sleeping on a plane is not easy) when we arrived at 6:00 am, but extremely excited to explore Boston for a few days. We arrived at our hotel to find out no rooms were available, they were sold out the night before so the likelihood of having an early check in was pretty slim. We were happy that they took our bags, so at least we wouldn't have to drag them around town!  We stayed at the Omni Parker House hotel. It is in a great central location for walking all around the city. One of the employees directed us to a great little place called, The Paramount, for breakfast. Delicious! We then ventured over to the Boston Public Gardens... 

The Boston Public Gardens are gorgeous!
So beautiful... But... we... were... so... tired... Took a few photos and then found benches to take naps on. It was pretty funny. We felt like homeless travelers. We were VERY grateful the weather was beautiful. 

I took this picture of Leila napping on the next bench...
Still so tired at lunch that Cami kept falling asleep while eating...
Just a cool shot I got while walking near Faneuil Hall.
We did so much sight seeing in Boston, and this first day in particular felt like the longest day EVER! We would glance at the time and be surprised by how early in the day it still was. I guess that is what happens when you don't sleep and then embark on a day full of activities! We had such a great time! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the first few days. (I am trying not to overwhelm with details that are exciting to me, but may be boring to anyone else!) The girls and I all enjoyed our time in Boston very much! What a beautiful, vibrant, fun city!

The clouds reflection on this building were spectacular!
I love all the beautiful brownstones...
Selfie!! Girls and I taking the escalator at the Prudential Building.
Leila takes a photo of us with her fancy GoPro.
I LOVED the Boston Public Library!
Took this picture of Cami (and Leila) here... The light was awesome!
I have sooooo many more photos, but don't want to overwhelm... So I will regretfully stop with the Boston photos here. Maybe I'll add more at a later time to Flickr... hmmm...

On Sunday, we rented a car and headed to our much anticipated destination... Providence, Rhode Island. Home for the next five days while we attended the 15th Certified Zentangle® Teacher Seminar. 

What an awesome way to be welcomed!!
Oh my... I don't quite know how to fully express how absolutely wonderful this experience was. I was expecting it to be great... It completely surpassed my expectations. This time that I shared with my girls is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. (Thank you, honey, for sending us on this trip!) Leila and Cami enjoyed themselves so much that everyday after a full day of class we would return to the room and they would continue to tangle until nearly midnight (and after). I also realized that my seventeen year old was hardly ever on her phone!!! It's a MIRACLE!!! 
The other seminar participants we met were so kind, and all amazing artists. (Special shout out to Connie Souza... We sat with her everyday and she is so sweet and so VERY talented!) 
The girls and I with the amazing and oh-so-kind Connie...
The Zentangle family of Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha, Sue, Jane, etc. (everyone!) are the absolute nicest, most inspirational, generous, and good people you can ever imagine meeting. 

We LOVE selfies! Especially when they include Rick & Maria...
...and Maria... again...
...and Molly!!!
The attention they paid to every tiny detail to make this experience special for all was absolutely incredible. Their presentation skills are awesome. We enjoyed... Every. Single. Second.
It is lunch break, but we keep on tangling!
White on Black Tile : I now LOVE working on the black tiles!
My first Renaissance tile... LOVE IT! Can't wait to do more!

One of the evenings we had a special speaker, someone I had been looking VERY forward to meeting, Laura Harms. The famous lady (diva) behind

Well... of course we have a selfie with THE diva!!
She spoke of her Zentangle journey. It was a beautiful speech... touching, funny, inspirational, and even included a little song and dance! She received a standing ovation. It was very well deserved. The girls and I made a point to make sure we took a "selfie" with her. So fun! She was also so kind to write a little note to my dad, who has completed EVERY diva challenge (and he just started tangling in the fall 2013!) It was such a thoughtful thing for her to do... Thank you again, Laura!

Isn't she soooo cute! Posing with the note for my dad!
It's official! Newly minted CZTs!!!
I am holding myself back to not go on, and on, and on, into the tiniest detail about all of these experiences...  I'll sum it up as truly one of the best trips, EVER... and I will treasure the memories always... especially the time spent with my super bright, super talented, super beautiful, and all-around-super girls! 

I love you girls!
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