Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NEW Amy Butler Blossom & treasury & shopping

YEAH! I'm featured in another treasury! Thanks so much localcolorist for including my Sushi - California Roll in your "Pincushions & Dolls" collection. You can check out the treasury here until 4 am Wednesday.

I had a chance to list the Amy Butler - Art Deco Lotus Blossom Card today... and it already sold. YEAH! (Thank you storybeader! Check out her shop for some BEAUTIFUL jewelry!!) I have one more in this pattern that I'll list tomorrow as well as a new pattern that should be ready to list in the morning.

Cami and I have been busy... We did her back to school shopping and I'm sad to say that she's graduated to the Juniors section. (She could still fit in the girls section but those long legs really work better in Juniors now... so she's a size 0 or 1! My spindly little thing!) She was sooo excited about getting some new jeans, shorts, and shirts. We also got her 3 new pairs of shoes... even her feet grew over night to a size 7!!! My 11 year old is definitely g-r-o-w-i-n-g! I can't believe that school will be starting in two short weeks.

All right.... I better get to packaging up the Blossom Card, it's traveling to it's new home in Oklahoma tomorrow! :)


  1. School starts in two weeks?! What? The summers are getting shorter!

    The card is gorgeous. Your shop is doing so well - you can't keep the items stocked! How exciting.

    Alissa was devastated when we headed home. She just loves you guys.

  2. I know! Two weeks is going to go WAY too fast!

    Thanks!!! I'm so happy when things sell! I like it when people like my "stuff!"

    Cami and I had such a great time with Alissa... thanks for letting us borrow her, she's such a cutie! :) We love her very much! :)

  3. Wow another sell. The card is great (of course). I am jealous. Hopefully one day I will have a home of my own and I can start focusing on my shop. hmmm

    Luv ya

  4. I can't believe that Cameron is starting Jr. High. I don't think she is old enough.

    I sympathize with the growing thing. I has Aaron try on his winter clothes, and half don't fit. We gave them to Nathan. He is excited to get new things, but you know how they have favorites and don't want to let go.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Love you!


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