Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Double Challenge & Tangley Nails

Okay... So I admit it... I am cheating... I am combining the Diva's Challenge #176 and #177 in this entry. Weekly Challenge #176 : BYOB, was to spill your beverage of choice over your tile, and then tangle. I prepped my tile... and then it sat... and sat... and I ran out of time. Then it was time for Weekly Challenge #177 : "Truffle by Caroline Broady, CZT" which was to include Caroline's tangle in your entry. 

It's funny, I struggled looking at my spilled and splotted coffee, not certain how I wanted to begin (which is why it sat a week!)... and then as soon as I sat down and played around with truffle a little, deconstructing and separating it out, I knew exactly what to do with my tile. It's funny how things happen like that. I loved seeing Caroline's inspiration wallpaper and that guided me in drawing a few tangleations as separate sections... eventually becoming a prehistoric looking plant surviving an afternoon storm. (I couldn't help but think of this one resembling something... so Zentangle® Inspired Art!) 

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #176 & #177 : "Afternoon Storm"
"Afternoon Storm"

And now... Tangley Nails...

A couple of weeks ago my Mom called me to tell me about this AWESOME nail product that she thought I would love... I could upload my own art (WHHHAAATTT???!!!) and have  custom nail wraps made! I looked into it right away. PERFECT! (...imagining teaching class with super, cute, tangley nails... YESSSS!) I started looking through all the designs available, over 300!! I thought I'd start putting my favorites in the shopping cart... Oh. my. I put A LOT in my cart. I then decided I loved this product so much I was just going to jump right in and become a consultant! I signed up that night. (My sister is a consultant, so it was an even easier decision!) 

The girls and I had so much fun applying our nail wraps when they arrived a few days later! I wish I had taken a photo of them applying them... it was a blast! It was fun to see how we all three ended up with totally different manicures using the same 4 sheets of designs! (Another Zentangle similarity!) I absolutely LOVE that these nail wraps are non-toxic, latex free, last 2 weeks on fingers, 4 weeks on toes, can remove without harsh chemicals, doesn't damage your nails, no dry time, easy to apply, can get 3 or 4 manicures/pedicures from each sheet, etc... but mostly... I love being able to have fun, elegant, trendy, romantic, or whatever mood I'm in nails... I feel like it's another fun way to express my personality. How great is that?! 

I have been having so much fun with my Jamberry Nails. I obviously had to do some Zentangle Inspired Nails! (I think this is official terminology!) ;) 

Tangley Nails
Zentangle Inspired NAILS!!!
If you like you can check out the amazing designs yourself at my store. Nails wraps are buy three, get one free! (excluding collegiate/sorority/create-your-own.) I haven't designed my own yet... but it won't be long! Thanks again Mom and Harmony for this fun introduction! 


  1. Hey there Holly! I'm in total awe of the Zentangle Inspired nails idea!! I have meaning to try something similar to that but my right hand can be very unsteady when nail painting my left hand (I'm a lefty). I will have to take a look and may have to consider to buy some for myself! Hope you're having a good weekend thus far and doing well :-)

    1. Hi Lexey!

      No nail painting involved! 😊 You might feel a little awkward when you apply the first few, but after that it's a breeze! Just need a hair dryer or the little Jamberry heater to activate the adhesive to seal it to your nails! Super easy and FUN! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      It's going to be a GREAT weekend! Thanks! Cami and I are heading off to an Acro-Yoga workshop today! Should be exciting! 😊

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Thanks so much for visiting... It's always so nice when you leave a comment!

  2. Great tile combining the two challenges, and those nails! Oh My! So fun!

  3. I love how you combined the two challenges and what you did with Truffle! The nails are great!

  4. Your truffle on coffee is great. Very delicate. I love the nails too!

  5. The nail wraps are OVER the top! Hahaha.

  6. Beautiful tile! Great Truffle on coffee!

  7. Hi Holly,
    I really, really, really LOVE the look of your combined-challenge tile. It's so unique and beautiful. It was worth the wait.
    Now, as for those nails - wild! I don't think they're for me, but I will pass the tip on to some friends and relatives who I know will love it!

  8. I like your tile, especially Diva Dance. Like how it worked with Truffle.


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