Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Losing Time...

Oh my! Where did the month go?! 

I haven't taken the time to do my nails with fun Jamberry wraps in over a month! It was nice to take advantage of a rainy afternoon to spiffy them up. I used Butterfly KissesFaded Bouquet (retiring at the end of February), and Daydream in this combination. I LOVE it! I think it looks like a little taste of springtime.

Springtime Nails!
BREAKING NEWS and it's the best. news. EVER!!! Disney nail art now available at Jamberry! Check out all the AMAZINGLY MAGICAL designs here! 

I am very excited about a project I'll be completing this month for Kelly Barone, of Whimsy by Kelly. She is a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and the proprietor of Tangle Troves™. Tangle Troves is an AWESOME monthly delivery of Zentangle supplies and inspiration. I think it is so exciting to have a box of TREASURES show up in your mail each month. You will always be surprised and delighted by what she so thoughtfully assembles. SNEAK PREVIEW!!! I will be creating a Zentangle Audio Meditation specifically for  subscribers to enjoy. It will be included in the March Box.... So sign up now, if you haven't already, to get lots of great supplies AND have exclusive access to the Zentangle Audio Meditation. 

Last month a photo I submitted to the Facebook group, Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too!, was selected as the header of the week. I am so honored and excited that it was chosen. This is how it looked...

My art as group header for the week!
I did start working on a mixed media piece this month... This is the stage it is currently at, waiting ever so patiently for me to get back to it! 

First few layers of papers/paint...
I can't believe how quickly February has passed. I have been overwhelmed this month with things that needed to be done... putting art on the back burner. I hope to be back on track and catch up during March! At least through all the busyness I have kept up with my daily tangle of the day in my journal. I look forward to taking the few minutes every morning to explore that day's tangle. Sometimes I only have time to follow the step out and other days I can explore variations. I am grateful for each moment. One of my favorite nail photos this month was from Valentine's Day. I had done my nails a few days earlier, and then on Valentine's Day my loving husband presented me with a famous blue box. It contained one of my favorite things... a beautiful PEN! I ADORE pens!  You have to appreciate how perfectly the pen matched my nails! I admired them both all day! (I may need to make a mental note to do this manicure every year to encourage more matching boxes filled with lovely items!)

Matching nails and pen! A perfect tangling combination!
I hope you have had a wonderful February and were more successful in your artistic endeavors than I have been this month! Looking forward to new adventures/art ahead! 

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