Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mixed heART...

I've been busy working on a mixed media piece for the past week or so... I'm putting lots of thoughts and intention into it as I incorporate several ideas/prompts/goals for the coming year. Here are a few progress shots as I work on my Inner Light girl... 

I just cut out these suns and spirals that I drew and they were resting while I contemplate placing and how I will paint and add my words to them. I loved how she looked in the sun and shadows so I had to take a photo... it almost captures the glow that I'm trying to create and have emanate from her. I still have quite a bit to do: more layering in the hair, shading, highlights, etc.

I couldn't let the week go by without participating in the diva challenge 304. This week the tangle to use is the new tangle from Zentangle® "waybop." Well... it happens that I used this tangle for my valentangle last week! I wanted to try something a bit different so decided to test out starting with the seeds of the tangle, MI2, in graph format versus the circle start of waybop. I then started connecting the lines in a combination of Huggins/MI2 style. As a throwback to my tile last week it seemed right to add a lone heART. I loved the simple line art once again, so decided to just add rounding and shading. Rounding always brings such a calm, zen feeling. It was another very enjoyable challenge! This piece is titled, "heART link."

Diva Challenge 304 Waybop : "heART link"

Thanks so much for visiting... and especially to all those who kindly leave a comment. I will be sure to leave a comment back... I know how much I enjoy receiving them, and once I complete my tile for the week, I start viewing and commenting on submissions. I strive for 5 to 10 a day. 😊 Who doesn't love a kind word?! 

I hope you have a wonderful, art filled week!


  1. Wonderful mixed media piece and love the waybop.

  2. Such a beautiful tangleation on Waybop!!! Your inner light girl is lovely.

  3. Uncomplicated but very nice way of drawing Waybop and me too like the inner light girl.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your Inner Light Girl! She's waiting patiently to be allowed out to play! Love your interpretation and creation of Waybop! Terrific composition!

  5. A minimalist Waybop. Just stunning. And the lone heart is the perfect touch. (I keep thinking of really great pasta that just needs butter and a sprinkle of parsley!!)

  6. Your Inner Light Girl is a real beauty and your Waybop is stunning in its simplicity! Especially the rounding makes it look so special.


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