Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jewels of the Sea

This week's diva challenge 306 was posted on 3/06! I find that ever so AWESOME! The challenge was to use Lily Moon's pattern, Amphora. This was my first opportunity to draw this lovely tangle... as I experimented with it I realized I wanted to emphasize the feeling of the sea that it gave to me. I selected a tan tile and decided to use sea colors, blue and gray for my ink. Instead of using the first line of the pattern with the diamonds I started with circles to feel more like pearls/jewels to go with my sea theme. As I tangled, my mind wandered to a magical place under the sea where:

The sea waves 
and rolled
gathering and
mother of pearl
a gift.  

This tile is titled, "Jewels of the Sea." 

"Jewels of the Sea"
"Jewels of the Sea" side angle view

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  1. That's really beautiful, Holly! And I love the poem as well :)

  2. I love the tile and the little poem. Isn't it wonderful when word come to you all of a sudden?

  3. Lovely poem and absolutely wonderful tile, drawn in a gorgeous way!!!

  4. Love it Holly. The colors seem very calming.

  5. This is a fantastic interpretation of Amphora...a tangle that has not been one I've been much inclined to use. But you are giving it a new lease on life.

  6. Beautiful! Looks like the tide washing in and bringing up all the beauties from the sea.

  7. Very fine tangleation of Amphora. i like the choice of these colors too!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! 💖

  9. We were by the sea last week and saw pebbles at the very edge of the sea washed by little foaming wavelets like this. Lovely.

  10. This is gorgeous! I'm crazy about those colors;-)

  11. So clever and beautiful. I really love the colors and movement. The poem is so sweet, too!

  12. Gorgeous, Holly! I love that you used circles instead of triangles. I am always happy to see someone's different take on the original step-outs!

  13. Totally magnificent Holly! I can feel the breeze, hear the waves, smell the ocean! Love the design, composition, and Colours! As Lords said.... " a lovely mermaid moment! " :)

    1. Silly auto-correct... the quote comes from Lorna!

  14. I am just going to sit here, look at your waves and wait until Aphrodite pops up. She will!


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