Sunday, January 15, 2017

Intentions, Orbs-la-Dee, and another Zentangle® Audio Meditation!

Yay! It's been the most wonderful art week! My surgery hand is getting a little stronger and more cooperative every day. (The hand that needs surgery is complaining from all the art work this week, but I'm ignoring it for now... as I ice and soothe it with painkiller gel.) I've worked on a couple of projects this week. 

First... a sneak peek of my 2017 Intention piece. (I will have it finished soon and will share the finished project in a future post.) I am combining prompts from a couple of groups that I'm participating in this year, Our Tangled Lives and Life Book. 

I wanted to choose a tangle/symbol to represent my journey this year... I chose Printemps, a lovely spiral shaped tangle that I am always drawn to AND love to draw. I wanted to cut it out and incorporate it on my page... as I was cutting it I saw the waste paper was creating a spring effect! YAY! So exciting! I had to use it! 

Playing around with Printemps placement...
I messed around with placement and then had a Eureka! moment... I love it woven together showing that sticking to my "habits" (word for the year) will help spring me to what I want to be. I didn't know how I wanted to add my word to the piece at first, would I collage over and add? That didn't feel right... and then it came to me. I would use a clear glaze pen that would show the words in only a certain light and it would add a little dimension. I adore how you can see it... it's there... it's important... yet it disappears if you're not paying attention. It reminds me that I need to be vigilant to stay on track to make actions into habits. I wanted the spring to lay flat or spring up so I was careful with how I glued, allowing for a little pocket to tuck in the middle of the spring Printemps... (3rd photo)

"habits" written in clear glaze pen and spring released...

Spring tucked into lower printemp spiral...
I've progressed a bit more from this point but will share all of that next time. 

Now it's time for this week's Diva Challenge #298 Orbs-la-Dee by Anneke van Dam. It has been quite some time since I've participated... I've missed you, Laura! Orbs-la-Dee is a very versatile lovely pattern by Anneke. Definitely a lot of fun to play with. I decided it would be perfect to explore on my new Zentangle 3Z tiles. Yay! My first triangle shaped tile. I am in love... the size is a little smaller AND so much fun to arrange into mosaics when complete (I've seen others do this and can't wait to have enough complete to do it myself)! I decided to isolate a section of the tangle to highlight the shape of the 3Z tile. It begged to have 3 gems added, again a tribute to the 3Z tile. It's titled, "3 gemZ."

"3 gemZ" Diva Challenge #298 Orbs-la-Dee

Finally... I created a Zentangle® Audio Meditation for Kelly Barone's, Tangle Troves™ subscription service filled with tangling treasures last year. You should definitely check out the service it is so much fun to get new tangling things in the mail every month! All who subscribed have had private access to this audio for the past 10 months. Today is the day that it is available here! Yippee!! I plan on producing more ZAM's during the coming year. 

So... Number Four as created originally for Tangle Troves. 

You will need the following: 
Bijou Tile (2 inches by 2 inches) or tile of choice (instructions are for bijou sized tile)
Micron 01 pen
Tortillion or Stump
...and a nice quiet place :)

This meditation will take approximately 25 minutes. Please remember that you can pause the audio at any time if you need a little longer to complete the instructions. Most importantly... listen... and draw... there are no mistakes. 

I would LOVE to read comments from all those who participate. If you would like please post a photo of your tile on your blog/flickr/instagram, etc. and post the link in your comment. This will allow others to view your version of the meditation. It's so much fun to see everyone's artistic interpretation! DON'T PEEK UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE! THERE IS NO CHEATING IN ZENTANGLE! 

I pay a fee to have Vimeo host these audios. I would appreciate any help to defray this cost that anyone is willing or able to provide. You can find a contribution button in the side bar on the right... There are three choices $2.50/$5.00/$10.00 just click to select. Thank you in advance SOOOO very much to any who would like to help out once in awhile. Any amount is greatly appreciated.  

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit! I adore seeing who's been here... please leave me a little note! :)


  1. Wonderful projects and all beautiful! I love your Diva 3Z gem tile and your photograph. Take care of your hand. Looking forward to your finished piece.

    1. Thank you so very much, Nathalie! I sure enjoyed your beautiful submission for the challenge this week.

  2. Very nice stuff and your DIva tile is really very original, I love the gems inside the Orbs-la-Dee, beautiful done!

  3. A wonderful and very inspiring post! Really like your "3gemZ" tile! It´s beautiful!
    Take care of your hand!

  4. Beautiful gemstones in your Orbs-La-Dee! Wonderful composition in your tile! Also love your intentions page! Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the process that produced the beautiful collage. It's one I'd love to see in person, but your narrative helps me to imagine it IRL (in real life). I haven't used the new Zentangle triangle tiles. Orbs-la-Dee looks nice in yours. I hope you'll share the mosaic when you finally accumulate enough tiles to complete it. Happy New Year.

  6. Very beautiful tile that stands out so well on this background of pebble!

  7. Absolutely love the printemps technique. Your Orbs-la-Dee is awesome and I love the meditation series. Thanks to you, Holly, for sharing it all with us.


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