Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a featured item & new blossoms

I am so happy that my newly made Apple Felt Bookmark has made it into a treasury! Yippee! Thanks so much Katy of KisforCalligraphy for featuring my bookmark!

I've been hard at work today on two new Blossom Cards. This one is the Polka Dot Plum Blossom Card. I love how polka dots make things look so cheery!

This one is so fresh! Chains of daisies on a field of green polka dots!!! I guess I was in a polka dot mood today! I listed this one today as well, it's the Daisy Blossom Card.

I have another Blossom Card that I'm hoping I'll finish and be able to photograph tomorrow. It's always fun to see how the paper combinations turn out. I get a thrill every time I pull the ribbon to open the blossom. When it's fully open is when I can see if it came together like I imagined. Isn't it so fun to create?! I LOVE it! :)


  1. Gorgeous! It's always so exciting to check in with your blog - there is always so much eye candy! :o)

  2. Thank you both so VERY much! You made my day! :)


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