Monday, September 22, 2008

teddy & giveaway winner

I just walked past Cami's room... I looked in to see her bed so nicely made and "Teddy" with a place of honor. She's been making her bed like this for awhile, it's just one of those moments when how special it is hit me. Special because my little girl is such a sweetheart and it warms my heart to think of how proud she is of all the little things I make for her and her big sister. Special because I made "Teddy" 20 years ago for Leila and after all these years Teddy still gets love and a warm bed to sleep in. (Although he now only has half a smile. Cami refuses to let me fix this.) Special because both of my girls are growing up so quickly. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments. I look forward to sharing in their continued growth... and I hope Teddy will continue to share their hugs and kisses too.

The winner of this month's chocolate tag giveaway is Nathan! Congratulations Nathan! I'll be sending out your set of chocolate tags soon! :)


  1. You better make sure those things have a DO NOT EAT warning on them!!!!!!

  2. Wow....

    I won, I won.

    Holly, can you make that out to Zhanna.. this way I won't eat it (thanks Norm :p ) and she could get something nice from you. She will love it.

    Thank you,


  3. Hey Holly,

    I got the parcel. I left it for Zhanna to open when she comes home from work.

    Fun, fun, fun!



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