Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today I did a little baking...

Mmmm.... Lemon & Blueberries!

They are so very yummy! The Maple Lemon Butter I made to go with these delicious little muffins is wonderful too... It's been kind of gloomy outside today, it's been nice to warm up the kitchen with the wonderful smell of lemon and fresh blueberries. 

A couple of days ago I discovered a new "app" for my iPhone. It's called "Lifecards." It's like having a small Photoshop program in my phone! I took the photos of the muffins with my phone and then made this postcard... all while sitting at the table sipping my tea and enjoying one of these fabulous delights! The app has lots of templates and it's fun to pick and choose which one to use. I think I'll use it often. 

There is another app I've been having lots of fun with... It's "Words with Friends." Leila turned me on to it. She and I have been having fun playing Scrabble with each other on it... I get a little note from the app when it's my turn... I can see if she's looking at the game at the same time (cute little eyeballs show up!) and we can "chat" from within the game. It has been VERY fun to do this with her... although she is totally kicking my butt.... (that's not very nice, Leila...) Although it is very fun, the app has been having some crashing issues. I've had to delete and reinstall the program a couple of times. Hopefully the company we'll have it all sorted out soon so I don't have to do that anymore!

Well... look at the time... I'm off to my chauffeuring job now... 

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