Saturday, October 26, 2013

I was in a quandary...

The diva posted the weekly challenge.... Would I participate? I had a very busy week ahead... Would I have time? I was a little less nervous after participating in last week's challenge, but still a little anxious about putting my art "out there." I felt like I was in a little bit of a fengle (I think this sounds good... although it doesn't really have a meaning!). All right... enough of the silliness! I am very happy to have learned the two tangles used in this week's challenge : Weekly Challenge #141: DuoTangle - Quandary & Fengle.

Weekly Challenge #141 : "DuoTangle - Fengle/Quandary"

I hope you have a quandary (and fengle) free day, but plenty of time to tangle them!


  1. Your tile is beautiful with great shading.

  2. Lovely tile and the shading is wonderful!

  3. Good idea to use the Quandry as a filler. Very nice tile!


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