Monday, August 25, 2014

I love SQUARES!!!

Best. Day. Ever. (I know... I'm kind of a geek... okay, maybe not kind of...)

Yippee!!! My new SQUARE business cards arrived today! I have been using MOO mini cards for-ev-er... but was hoping/praying/wishing that one day they would offer the perfect size (square) for zentangle® business cards! That day is NOW!!! I uploaded quite a few of my tile images, and wah-lah, lovely, 2 1/2" square cards! I am TOTALLY in love! (I know... seems kinda dramatic... but this is the kind of stuff that I get soooo excited about... hmmm... also gadgets!)

Wanna order your own AWESOME cards?! (Moo's mini cards, regular business cards, AND STICKERS are all amazing too!) Please use this code so that I can earn some referral dollars! 

Thank you soooo much!!

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