Monday, September 1, 2014

Paths and Classes and Waves...

I am a little slow in getting to the Diva's challenge this week... Luckily since today is a holiday no challenge is posted, so I'm going to use this little bit of extra time to slide my entry in... Weekly Challenge #182 : Stripes. I used Hollibaugh as my string and enjoyed tangling a variety of patterns... The finished piece makes me think of "pathways." Which one would you choose to take?

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Weekly Challenge #182 Stripes : "Pathways"
Cami and I taught Introduction to Zentangle® on Wednesday. It was another WONDERFUL class... I just must say... I think anyone interested in or practicing the art of Zentangle just must be the NICEST people!! I feel so very fortunate to be able to share my love of this method with others. I enjoyed creating more place cards for my students...

Zentangle® Inspired Art : Student Place Cards
Tangled Name Cards
Here are a few pictures from this week's class. (I have posted September class offerings under the tab "Zentangle Class Schedule" above. Sign up and join us, if you're in our area!) I ALWAYS love seeing all the tiles put together in a mosaic! We forgot to take pictures of the second tile that was in progress... Suffice it to say, they were all AMAZING as well!

Our nice little class set up!
August 27th Class Mosaic
Oh... if you haven't seen my oh-so-awesome-new-SQUARE-business cards... check them out on my last post here!!! Yippee!!

I almost forgot! Cami and I also took a couple of hours to have lunch at the beach to watch the extra large surf roll in from a couple of hurricanes roiling around in the Pacific... It was absolutely awe-inspiring! 

Thanks so much for stopping by for a bit... (Hope you had a lovely cup of tea and a cookie!) I so appreciate it (and the comments)!


  1. Hi Holly! I responded to you, on my blog, that I had already posted here but my iPad decided to delete it. Boy, you just can't trust these electronics! Anyway, I had said that I love your work (your stripes tile is so crisp and clean and very well done), really enjoy seeing your students in action, and really LOVE the ocean.

    1. Hi Jean!

      It's true that electronics sometimes have a mind of their own! Thank you for leaving a comment again... I appreciate your kind words!

      Enjoy your day!


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