Thursday, January 19, 2017


I feel like I've had a very productive art week so far... I finished the Intentions 2017 mixed media piece yesterday. YIPPEE! (You can see the art in the post here.) 

I am excited about starting a new mixed media project tomorrow... but TODAY was the day to work on the Diva Challenge #299 "Drawings." This tangle, pronounced draw wings, was released by Zentangle® headquarters over the holidays. This was the first opportunity for me to sit down and play with it. I adore how it just flows... the basic set up reminds me a bit of the pattern, fengle. As I drew the first set... I realized I liked the idea of individual pieces floating in hopes of joining the set. It's a "Gatherwings." 

I am so happy to be submitting before the last day for once! PLUS... two weeks in a row I participated!! YAYYYYYY! 

Besides getting some time in my studio, I've been allowed to start walking Clark again. FINALLY! Today was gorgeous and as we walked I noticed that his shadow made him a BIG dog... It made me chuckle that the size he THINKS he is was showing. 

My BIG dog, Clark. 

If you're looking for the most recent Zentangle® Audio Meditation that I released last week, you can find that post here.

I really appreciate all who visit, and am always grateful for any comments! Have a wonderful, art filled day! 


  1. Beautiful Drawings! Delicate! I LOVE BIG CLARK! :)

  2. Lovely Drawings on a beautiful SZ tile.
    Me too have a terrier and yes, I aree, they are great dogs in little bodies!

  3. How pretty your "gatherwings" are on the tan triangular tile. I have begun to like the tan best of all the colors of tiles to work with, especially with added color. Sweet little dog :)

  4. Drawings de-constructed? Great idea. Love how the pieces look a little like shadows.

  5. Like what you did with Drawings. I have to keep working on it do get the "wing" traits. Like the 3Z tiles. I have not ordered any yet. Maybe sometime soon.

  6. Wow, beautiful Diva tile!
    Your dog looks very cute :/)

  7. So lovely Drawings on that 3Z tile! Wonderful! Your dog is so cute!


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