Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Garden View

Yayyyy! It's time to work on another Diva Challenge! The guest blogger this week for challenge 328 is Suzanne Fluhr. I regularly see what she is up to via her awesome blog. The challenge she set forth was to use her lovely tangle, Aloha, in a tile. 

I was first introduced to this tangle while attending Lynn Shelton Mead’s class at Tangle U in Naples, Florida earlier this year. I loved the bold floral look!  After reading Suzanne’s post about the creation/inspiration for this tangle, I was definitely feeling the island atmosphere. I added my new tangle, haKrall (step out updated today!), in the background and added a sunset of colors… creating my “Garden View.” 

Diva Challenge 328 : "Garden View" 

Thank you again, Suzanne, for a fun challenge! It was wonderful to escape to the islands for a bit! 


  1. You have made a wonderful compostion on this Zendalatile Holly.
    I love the combination of Aloha and your own pattern in the background.
    ha-Krall is really a nice pattern too!

  2. Aloha over your new tangle is a winner!!!

  3. Very nice Aloha, especially with your ha-Krall in the background!

  4. What a beautiful piece you have created.

  5. A beautiful Zendala! And I like your tangle haKrall. I´ll try it soon. Thanks for sharing!


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