Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Decorating & Family

What a wonderful time of year!

I get so excited to have the family together to put up our holiday decorations. We decorated the day before Thanksgiving... It was so nice to see all the beautiful, festive decorations while we enjoyed our delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Cami is always excited when Leila is home from college and they had a great time trimming the tree. I love hearing the noises of my family with beautiful Christmas music in the background... it makes me teary eyed just thinking of it!

We spent some time taking family photos for this year's holiday cards. It's always fun to see how they turn out. We have quite a few to choose from this year... it makes it easy when you have such gorgeous (not that I'm prejudiced or anything!) girls!

One of our Thanksgiving traditions is that we make/write cards to each other. It's a place to write how grateful you are for your family. It's one of my favorite and most touching moments. Leila & Cami make beautiful cards and I treasure each one I receive year after year. This year felt especially poignant to me... and I have to say again how absolutely grateful I am to have/be a part of such a wonderful family.

(Here are pictures of a couple of cards my daughters made this year...)

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