Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It feels like the very first time....

I'm joining the blogger revolution... (OK... so I'm a little slow... ) :)

I am excited to have a place to record my adventures in arts and crafts! I don't quite know how it will all work yet... I'll learn as I go... I really want to make this a place where I focus on being creative. I guess it is just like the very first time! The first time I've had a blog site!


  1. woo hoo!! This looks great! Funny you started one of these as Robert mentioned to me that I ought to have one just for practice and keeping up with technology. Thanks for linking me to it!! Now you'll have to clue me in as how to create one! I'm so glad you can now share all of the beautiful things you've made to the world :-). Happy blogging! gigi

  2. Another great site. I like how it links everything together. I have added it to my favorites, of coures. I have been curious about setting up a blog, I will have to attempt to do it. (I am sure it won't be a nice as yours!). Ü Luv Ya, Heather


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