Tuesday, August 26, 2008

an artist to treasure...

It is such an honor to be able to feature another wonderful Etsy artist/EtsyBlogger for the month of August. It's...

Tulip's Treasure Box

She is one of those EtsyBlogger team members who make everyone feel welcome (especially the newbies! I know!). She has very beautiful pieces of jewelry in her shop as well as wonderfully functional, eco-friendly bags... Here's a sampling:

If you check out her blog you will see that she is always “sharing the love” and focusing on other artists. What a kind, thoughtful, creative artist! You can read all about artists that inspire her and other interesting happenings at her blog.

I enjoy checking out her treasures in her wonderfully stocked Etsy shop. Viewing any of Lily’s items definitely makes you feel like you’re looking at treasure!


  1. Beautiful, from the heart feature. Thank you so much!

    I LOVE the photo slide show!



  2. Ummm, are there supposed to be pictures? Hmmm, "Master?"

  3. lily - tulip's talking:

    You're VERY welcome... it was my pleasure! :)



    Hey... if the screen is at the advertising bit just close it with the "x" at the top right corner... then the slide show will begin again. I'm a professional here, don't forget! :)

    Love you!

  4. I bow to the "Master". Very nice pictures. It was just me. The Drama Llama is well fed.


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