Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm not ready... & Blossom Delight Drawing

Back to School…

Oh my… those three words have so much meaning. I get excited thinking of having a schedule again with Cami at school. It means I have more time to work on my projects. The flip side is that I’ll miss my sweetie… I love having her help me run errands, do housework, keep me company, make me laugh, hang out together… and all the other wonderful summer time things we get to do. Summer has a sense of freedom: freedom from strict bed times, freedom from “it’s a school night,” and freedom from homework schedules. It’s a break that you really start to long for beginning around spring break, when you get that first taste of summer with a week of freedom!

We’ve had a packed summer. A few trips away, lots of friend sleep over nights, swimming, and relaxing. We have one more get away weekend planned, a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and a couple of beach days… then the summer days will be a memory and the back-to-school schedule will begin.

Summer time’s running out and school’s just around the corner. I sense the anxious excitement in my soon-to-be middle school student. It’s time… she’s ready… I’m not.

All right… I enjoyed having a drawing so much last month I have decided to have one monthly along with my EtsyBlogger carnival post! YEAH! :) This month’s drawing will be for one of my Amy Butler - Sparkle n Glitter Wildflower Blossom - 2 in 1 Cards. These cards are reusable! I include extra paper and a nice little explanation on vellum on how it all works. The blossom itself can be used after the card’s life has expired. It can be detached and added as a gift tag or placed anywhere you like. (It’s attached with Velcro!)

Drawing will take place on Monday, August 25th. (Comments counted until Noon, PST on 8/25/08. U.S. residents only, please.) So, leave a comment so I know you’d like to be entered in the drawing and tell me, has summer gone too quickly for you?! Happy getting ready to send the kids back-to-school! :)

UPDATED 08/25/08 @ 3:00 pm: Drum roll..... The winner of this month's give away is... miesmama!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

Miesmama, please send me your mailing address via an etsy conversation. I'll send out your card this week! :)


  1. I don't have any kids around the house, but the summer seemed to go real fast. It's so hot in Oklahoma in the summer, that I don't really mind it being over.

    I read somewhere (or heard) that as you get older, your internal clock moves faster and that's why it seems like time is moving faster. I always thought it was just that you got into routines, and everyday is not a new discovery. Beats me what the answer is!

  2. Yeah Storybeader! That's interesting about the internal clock... it makes sense! :)

    It's nice to see you here! Thanks! I mailed out your package today... I can't wait til you get it! :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. The internal clock runs faster, the outter body moves slower. What a thought!

    HA, your cards are beautiful and unique.

    Happy to have you on the team.

    Love your family blog cute. I started a blog for our family, but it is not getting the love it was born to receive...LOL


  4. Hey...

    That feeling of summer vacation fades right around the time you hit high school. One must really treasure them when they can.

    Oh yea, did I win?!?!?!?

    Zhanna says hi.


  5. lily:

    You're so funny! I guess that could explain quite a few things... :)

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment! I really appreciate it! I'm VERY HAPPY about being part of the etsybloggers team... AND thank you for the nicest, warmest welcome! :)

    I'm so excited about writing an article about you this month! Congratulations on being the featured etsyblogger artist! :)



    You're right Nathan! I really remember the summer vacations during my school years... those lazy days where you get almost to the point of being bored... ahhh... doesn't that sound lovely!

    Tell Zhanna hi back! :)

    We'll have to see who wins! I LOVE having these little drawings... it's so exciting! :)

  6. Another Drawing!!! I wonder if my luck will keep up.

    Hopefully to day is the day!!! I have received several emails corresponding between the mortgage company and the title company and it looks like the title company might finally be willing to do us a favor. First thing this morning she said no way today, but just recently she said she would help us out. Wish me luck.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Santa Barbara this weekend. I am very jealous. Wish we were going with you. It is so beautiful there.

    Luv ya

  7. Glad I checked your blog. Another drawing, and one of your fabulous cards. I am glad you have a really smart sister who gave you the pointer in that direction. Pat! Pat! I hope that you are feeling semi-normal, and that you have a relaxing weekend.

    Summer raced by. I am looking forward to fall. I like the cooler weather. Love ya.

    Good Luck Heather. Too bad about the double wide!

  8. Oh a drawing how exciting! All though I cheated and bought the two you had in your shop. Couldn't resist, too cute - and I have two birthdays in October so now I'm ready. :o)

    Since Alissa isn't in school yet summer is just a warmer part of year for us. I find that the stores are busier and traffic is heavier so I'm eager for summer to be done with. ;o) Although, last night's thunder storm was a real treat. I miss the rain and look forward to using the fireplace and drinking hot coco.

  9. omg - i can't believe there's only 2 weeks left! My son starts pre-k this fall - not sure hoe he's going to take it! my daughter starts 1st grade, but when she started preschool she didn't even look back, so excited to get started and meet new friends! - I'm not sure he'll be the same!
    btw - the card is beautiful, how talented you are! and, another giveaway - you're the best!

  10. cox family:

    I'm so glad you finally moved into your house!!! :) YEAAAAHHHH!

    We had a GREAT time in Santa Barbara! I'll post pix later!



    It was a really good idea!!!

    It is too bad that Heather decided against the double wide... she could have had LOTS of REALLY nice cameras! :)

    *********************************** hugs we trust...:

    Thanks for buying TWO of my Blossom Cards!!! :) You're the best!!! Now you have a chance of winning a third! :)

    I think cocoa and a nice rainy day sound good too!



    Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment! (You've got beautiful stuff yourself! I always enjoy checking out your shop & blog!)

    Good luck getting the kids ready for their first days of school! :)

  11. I cannot believe that summer is over. Now I have to deal with teenage kids driving the derby down our street at lunch time. maybe I will get out my husband's speed/radar gun and freak them out")

  12. I cannot believe that summer is over. Now I have to deal with teenage kids driving the derby down our street at lunch time. maybe I will get out my husband's speed/radar gun and freak them out")


    Miesmama please send me an etsy conversation with your address. I'll mail your Blossom Card to you this week! Congratulations! :)

  14. Thank you all who commented... I hope to see you enter my September drawing! :)


Thanks for stopping by to visit... AND especially for leaving me a message! :)

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