Monday, August 25, 2008

August winner & new...

The winner of this month's fabulous August "Blossom Delight" give away is miesmama!!! Congratulations miesmama! (Please contact me via an etsy conversation and send me your mailing address.... I'll mail out your card this week!)

I have been very busy doing a S-U-P-E-R BORING job today, all for a VERY good reason. First the job is copying ALL my bookmarks and pasting them into an email to myself. Why? BECAUSE I GOT A NEW COMPUTER TODAY!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! I'll be able to work on a project without having to step away between each "enter" because it takes too blasted long! I may have had the slowest computer on the planet... or close to it at least! Hip, hip, hoooooorrrrrayyyy! (Thanks honey!) Now I'm copying all my documents to a backup hard drive and I need to copy my fonts next. This time I am NOT going to lose all my fonts because I forget to do this step! :) This is definitely taking lots of time to get all this done... but I can't wait to have everything transferred! I'll actually be able to use photoshop without my computer shutting down on me OR working super s-l-0-w-l-y.... I guess I'm going to have to reinstall all my software too. This is definitely a time consuming, but-oh-so-worth-it, project!

Back to my job as computer geek today! :)

UPDATE: Norm just showed me how to export my favorites! Hallelujah!!! Although I wasted lots of time at least I won't have to waste the time opening all those links on the new computer! I had LOTS of them! :)


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