Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cards getting ready to travel

Yeah!!! Seven cards from my shop are getting ready to head off to their new home in Australia!!! All the Blossom Cards I had listed as well as all the Dress Collection cards. (Thank you dajellybaby for your order!!!) I have had such a great day working on getting the cards all set to go. One reason I was particularly excited about this order is it's the first one where I'm trying out some new packaging for the Blossom Cards. I used to put them in a clear envelope and they looked good but NOW I'm putting them in a plastic case and they look GREAT! I was bothered by putting these cards that I put loads of time into, in something that didn't show them off to their best advantage as well as wasn't as sturdy as I'd like. Now I feel that the case is beautiful enough that the white envelope will never be needed. Just keep passing the card to the next recipient in the lovely clear case. I can't wait to hear some feedback on the new packaging! :) I took a photo trying to capture the side view of these containers too...

I don't have the order completely ready to go out yet... Tomorrow I'll finish packaging the dress collection and then I still need to put together my "extras." Boy! I sure do love putting orders together... It makes me VERY happy!

I do have one more Blossom Card available in the Pink n Chocolate Retro Style that I listed today. So for now it's the only blossom card available in my shop! I have 5 more paper patterns selected so I hope to have some of them made up to list by the end of the week!

I was excited to have one of the photos I posted on flickr yesterday featured in an article. I received an email asking if I would give permission for the photo to be used in an article called, 'The ever Growing Desert's of the World! The Earth is about to become Mars Like!' by Uwe Paschen. I was really happy to be asked to have it included. I love it when my photos are noticed! :)

What a lovely, productive day!


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