Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45 : 02-14-12

Day 45 : 02-14-12 by ha! designs
Day 45 : 02-14-12, a photo by ha! designs on Flickr.
A gift for my sweetheart... in progress.

My sweetheart didn't want me to use this photo for my photo of the day... He was voting for me to use the photo I took of the individual Double Stuff Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes I made. {Post and recipe coming soon!} Or maybe the photo of the "little blue box" he gave me today. He didn't want me to take his "soul." {He always balks at getting his photo taken, and uses this reasoning... I think it's really to make me crazy!} Well... at first I was going to listen to him and then I thought... that dessert and "little blue box" {although EXTREMELY thoughtful AND lovely} doesn't represent the love I feel and the celebration of it on this day. I also figured that since these are photos already taken I am not doing any further damage to his soul... {hopefully!}

A little about the project:

I selected photos of us from when we first started dating {22 plus years ago!} to one within the last few months... It stirred my heart to look at them and remember the times and experiences we've had together over this life we share. We've been through lots of challenges and some triumphs... I wouldn't change a moment, it's who we are. It's just something you can't take for granted. I love my husband and family with my whole being. 

The next thing I did was to create a little plaque with my handwritten (my handwriting font!) thought on photoshop. I printed out all the elements on to tissue paper. I did this by cutting tissue paper to letter size paper and using tape to attach it to the copy paper at the leading edge going into the printer. This makes it easier for the printer to load the tissue paper and print. 

Now this is where it got a little tricky for me... I have an inkjet printer... I think this project would be much more successful with a laser printer. {I am going to try another technique though to see if it works better! If so, I'll update with a tutorial post!} I used a foam brush and "painted" the canvas with mod podge and carefully began placing my images. My images ran slightly. It still looks ok... but not nearly as clear as I'd like. I painted around mine and added embellishments to hide this a little... Although the project didn't end up quite as nicely as I wanted it to, it was the thought that counted... and Norm LOVED it! :) He REALLY does love me!  {I will be trying this technique again, hopefully with better luck if I make a couple adjustments... Keep posted!}

Here is the, less than perfect, finished canvas:

I hope you had a wonderful celebration of your loved ones too!

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