Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58 : 02-27-12

Day 58 : 02-27-12 by ha! designs
Day 58 : 02-27-12, a photo by ha! designs on Flickr.
Restraint... That's what I had to work on when I saw this cute decorative bunny in a crate. I saw it at the grocery store this morning and I put it in the cart as I did my shopping. The whole way I debated with myself... Should I? Or not? I was really good at telling myself how it would look so cute for a spring/Easter decoration. Then my logical side would kick in and I'd wonder what I would do with it AFTER the holiday. Did I really want to store another thing? The answer is no... Especially considering we just spent a good part of the weekend going though boxes in the garage and getting rid of things. So... The cute little bunny stayed at the store. I tried to satisy myself with taking a picture. Super cute, isn't it?!

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