Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cami starts a blog...

I got Cami's blog up and running today! She has invited all her cousins, aunts, and grandma! It was so much fun to see how excited she was about it... She did a great job completing her profile and writing her first post. I'm going to enjoy reading her entries!

Unfortunately I didn't get much done besides Cami's blog! I did learn a lot in the time I spent on it. I took a template and totally transformed it. My first time messing with a blog template... it was FUN! I want to thank Lena... she has an amazing and simply fabulous tutorial and some great free blog templates. Her work inspired me to try my hand at my own template. Cami's blog template is based on one of her backgrounds.

I'm also feeling a little out of sorts. Norm made reservations for our San Diego trip and Leila called to ask if I'd go to an appointment with her the day that we're leaving... then the guilt starts and I start worrying. I hate that! I know I need to relax... I know I can join her another time. I guess I have a tendency to read more into everything than there needs to be. Relax, Holly! (sometimes it's not so easy...)


  1. Hey Holly,

    Good call on restricting users on Cam's blog.

    Have fun in San Diego.

    We have family (my cousins that we visited last weekend) coming up this weekend, and we are going to be going here
    The fireworks alone are worth the trip.

    Zhanna says hi.


  2. Nathan!

    You guys are going to have fun at the sailfest... That's pretty neat! Please give a big hug to Zhanna for me! I know she's kicking butt at her new job! :)

    Hope you both have a great day!

  3. Enjoy your trip, the drama llama will be there when you get back. Do you have the drama llama books? A friend of mine really likes them.

    Cami's blog looks great. You did super great.

  4. I haven't seen the books! I am afraid that it's true... the drama llama always seems to be hanging out within shouting distance!

    I'm so glad you like Cami's blog... I am very happy with how it turned out! :)

  5. Hi Holly - glad you and Norm have a fab weekend getaway plans! Your 4th of July party looked really fun and the ribs looked like they were going to be good (Grant commented on why they looked like meat at the grocery store - had to point out that they weren't cooked yet! LOL!).

    Had a great visit with my parents. Both kids cried on the airplane as we took off. They kept hoping the thunderstorms would cancel our trip home - it was close - we got delayed by an hour and nearly missed our connecting flight home in Phoenix. It took 12 hrs to get home yesterday!!

    Got the SEI paper - will send you a photo when I find my camera. Also have that tape gun! (these were pre-resignation purchases!!LOL!).

    We're on a spending diet! So when that camera is found, will start taking photos of DESTASH items to sell. Kids are getting into it too - wanting to sell their old clothes that don't fit anymore on Etsy! More later....

  6. Hi Gigi!

    I'm so glad you all are safely home! It sounds like it was quite the travel day... I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! It sounds like the kids had a great time too... it's so nice that they can enjoy spending time with their grandparents.

    I should have included pictures of the finished ribs! I kicked myself that I didn't take more photos... it just got so busy once everyone arrived I just didn't think about it until I quickly took the photos that are in the slide show! (The rib shots were taken before everyone arrived!)

    You've been wanting to hold a "destash" for awhile! I'm sure it will feel good to have some of the stuff listed that you don't want or need. I think it's adorable that the kids are wanting to sell their old clothes. They are so thoughtful! :)

    I'll look forward to seeing all the stuff you list! :)

  7. It's because the official photographer of the Atwater household was absent.


    Zhanna says hi.


  8. You're absolutely right... where were you again? ...stuck in traffic? :)

  9. Yea,

    Something to do with a 3k mile commute, and a two lane highway. Waiiiit, that reads like a country song.

    I'm sad now.

    Anyways, Z and I are getting ready for guests. Our turn to entertain.


    p.s. - Oh yea, my mom had her last chemo treatment yesterday. Woot.

  10. I can hear the twang of that banjo...

    I bet you and Zhanna threw an AMAZING party! I'm sure your guests didn't want to leave... :)

    I'm so glad to hear that your mom had her last treatment. I hope she's doing well (considering)... I'm thinking of her... Is there anything else she is scheduled to do?

    Please send our well wishes her way again next time you speak...

  11. It was alot of fun. I had an inspired idea. I set up my little canon P&S on the tri-pod and recorded more than 20 minutes of fireworks.

    On the other topic, my mom has a few more procedures to go through this summer.

    It's tough, but necessary.

    I skype them every few days and talk to them at least once a day.

    Say hi to everyone.


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