Thursday, July 3, 2008

party preparations

Today was easier than yesterday! I'm glad all that shopping was done yesterday... I did have a couple of items that had to be picked up but it was simple stuff, ten minutes at the store kind of easy.

My sous/pastry chef (Cami) and I made the BBQ sauce and mixed up two types of cookie dough. Norm and I put some new fresh lights (the old ones were definitely ready to be replaced!) up in the backyard. It looks sooo pretty. I'll have to take a photo to post as soon as we're finished putting the outdoor furniture back. It's those little things that feel so special. We had such a lovely time this evening getting those lights up and figuring out how we were going to arrange them. Our backyard is small but it's lovely to sit back in the gazebo and watch the kids swim in the pool. It feels homey and comfortable. I love it!

I contained myself today... I almost went out on a tangent of wanting to make all these little candle arrangements... Luckily, I got past that initial crafty add-another-item-to-the-list thing. Pheww.... that was close! I would have really stressed myself out in trying to get everything accomplished! :)

I kind of feel like I should have done more today (probably due to that close crafty call)... but I think things are going pretty well. Tomorrow Cami and I will do the baking and prepare a couple of other items that can be made ahead of time. Of course... there's still the question as to whether any one will show up! ;)


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow. We may leave the little one with my sister, but we'll be there. She was VERY cranky today as we're both still sick.

    Or should we not bother coming if we don't bring her? ;o)

  2. You know we invited Alissa... The only reason we told you and Keith is because we knew she needed a ride! :)

    That sucks that you both are still sick... I hope you're beginning to feel better, after all... it's party day tomorrow! See you then! :)

  3. We are on the way....

    to New York, but we will be there in spirit.

  4. I thought you guys were on the way to the airport.... :)


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