Tuesday, July 15, 2008

widgets & running with the bulls

I've had too much fun today adding a couple new widgets to my blog! I had to add a video game... of course, since I LOVE video games. That's why Mario is here! It's little but you can actually play it! (Arrow keys to move & jump. Spacebar to select. 0 for menu. You'll need to point with your cursor to start the game and select your player.) I think I may have to have a game of the month or something... :)

The other widget I added is "the drama llama." The drama llama sometimes wanders around our house and the houses of certain members of my family. We tease each other that it's someone else's turn to "feed the drama llama," if lots of drama has been going on at someone's house. I thought I might do my whole family a favor if I "sponsored" this drama llama. Now all my sisters (and anyone else who needs it) can come and feed the drama llama here, if they need to. You know... I do what I can! :)

OK... I have to add this picture and mention... Leila sent me this photo and the video clip where you catch a glimpse of her boyfriend, Mike, running with the bulls in Spain! She's circled him! I think that's a little too close to the bulls myself! (But I have to admit that must have been SOME adventure! Mike... I hope you're OK and that your mom didn't have a heart attack!) Mike is participating in a study abroad program in Spain for the summer. Leila is missing him but happy that they can communicate via skype.


  1. What IS a drama llama? I tried to feed it but all it did was look at the hay! Hilarious! I can't believe Mike was that close to the bulls! It's even more amazing that he was captured on video and recognized by Leila! Wow. I tried Mario too but I'm all thumbs. Really pathetic. Hope you're feeling a little better tonight! -gigi

  2. Hi Gigi!

    A drama llama "visits" your house when there is a lot of drama going on... for example, Cami may say that one of her friends is angry at another friend, etc. We would ask her if the "drama llama" was in town. Every so often I will "send" the drama llama to one of my sisters so they can feed it for awhile... :) I actually have a "drama llama" on my project list (unfortunately it's been on that list for awhile) so you may see one in the future!

    To feed my drama llama you get the hay and then tap it on his mouth... he'll munch away, as you tap again, until the hay is gone. It takes practice... the drama llama can be a little temperamental. :)

  3. I had to come and feed the drama llama and make sure he stays on your blog, and does not visit my house. He was here for a minute yesterday, and I don't need him back today.

  4. OK... Relax... take a deep breath. All right now, I'll let the drama llama live right here and you can come and feed him and pet him for "short" periods of time when you need to. Please do not spoil the drama llama though. This could cause problems for other visitors... :)

  5. I dont tolerate drama llamas. I kill them with my bare hands.

  6. ...that sounds kinda drama llama-ish! :)

  7. Love the "drama llama! Mom and I fed him also in hopes that he stays put. I am afraid with the stress of the house buying he did visit over the weekend (did not make Todd to happy).

    Running with the bulls...oh to be young and adventurous!!!

    Luv ya

  8. I'm with Norm on this one. As my EX once told me... "save the drama for yo' momma".


  9. From "Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama!!"

    Yucky music, great big feet.

    Ladies smelling way too sweet.

    Look at knees and stand in line.

    Llama Llama starts to whine.

    Does any child like to go shopping? Not Llama Llama! But Mama can’t leave Llama at home, so off they go to Shop-O-Rama. Lots of aisles. Long lines. Mama is too busy to notice that Llama Llama is getting m-a-d! And before he knows it, he’s having a full-out tantrum! Mama quickly calms him down, but she also realizes that they need to make shopping more fun for both of them.
    Hhhmmmm. Sounds too familiar. You should check out the cover for the book too.

  10. I run from the bull everyday but its not that kind of bull.

  11. hanson's:

    I definitely need to add that book to my collection. Cami and I have a date later in the week to go to the bookstore (she's had a gift card she's been holding on to since January!). I'll look for it then.



    What kinda "bull" are you talkin' about, honey? :)


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