Friday, July 4, 2008

more party preparations

The backyard is ready! The grill is ready! I was starting to get a little nervous about the grill... Norm got a new grill recently. We changed over from propane to gas. We had a plumber out to put the switch on the gas but we didn't have the right hoses so he didn't hook up the grill. Norm got all the parts he thought he needed but needed a professional to make sure we didn't blow up the neighborhood! I'm so glad that one of our dear friend's dad (the professional) was able to come over and finish plumbing the gas for us. Super nice of him to come on a holiday too! I'm so glad that it's all hooked up. This party will be our "break in" for the new grill. I had been teasing Norm that our BBQ was going to end up being a pizza party if it didn't get hooked up soon! :)

I posted a few photos on flickr of our new backyard furniture arrangement. It's amazing what a new arrangement can do! I loved how we had it before... but now it just seems perfect! We replaced the outdoor rug and I LOVE it. I found one that had swirls that imitates the swirls in the paisley pillows on the couch (plus it was 50% off!!! Hallelujah!). The new lights around the exterior added a nice touch as well. The torch lights on the coffee table are new also. We have matching torches that are on the hill side of the pool. I can't wait to see them all lit up tomorrow!

It was baking day today. Here are SOME of the cookies I made today! I made oatmeal chocolate chip, Reese's and Snickers filled butter tarts, lemon bars, AND cheesecake. My house smells wonderful... sniff... mmmm.... Tomorrow I have TONS to do! Norm is in charge of the BBQ and I handle all the other stuff. I guess I better make it an earlier night as I'll be up early. It's party day... almost! :)


  1. Wow...

    That looks awesome. I like how the couches and seats face the jacuzzi. Did my dad tap the gas line from the poor heater right there??? Does norm have enough counter space on the grill, because it looks like he doesn't use the counter enderneath the kitchen window.

    I can't wait to see the party pics.

  2. The gas line for the grill does use the same gas line that the pool heater uses. I think Norm had enough counter space... there are two small counter areas on each end of the grill... plus the space above the burners if those aren't being used. There is tons of storage under the grill too!

    I know he is VERY happy with the new grill! :)

  3. Just wanted to know why we were not invited. Aaron told me that when he is a dad he is going to have a swimming pool like my sister Holly. Cookies look delicious, by the way. I bet you are really tired.

  4. It figures that there are more people I forgot to invite... Just go ahead and lay on the guilt! Thanks! :)

    You tell Aaron that he can come over and go swimming anytime he wants to! I think it's his mommy who refuses to bring him over... why is that?

    Beep, the cookies are SUPER delicious... and yes, I need a nap. (I guess not as badly as some people I know who have three little ones to take care of day in and day out!) :)


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