Wednesday, February 6, 2008

daily dollar delight

I love it when I receive an order in the mail (it's almost as fun as sending one out!)... Today I received this darling magnet board I ordered from one of my favorite etsy sellers. She even sent me cute "extra" magnets of my initials. I took a photo of my chocolate magnets on the board. So super cute!

Today I started a new daily promotion on my etsy shop. I will list one item Monday through Friday in my "daily dollar delight" section. You never know what you'll find... a sample of a new item? a card? magnets? felt yummies? adorable tags? I'm very excited about this, I feel like it will push me to keep being creative as well as help me get some traffic to my little shop.

The item I listed in the new section today is the first in my new series of cards, called 2 in 1 cards. These cards are "beautiful enough to reuse!" Today's sample offering is a pink felt flower that I sewed some details on and then attached to a textured, blue & green striped card. I love it! Someone better snap it up in the daily dollar delight section today! :) I'm looking forward to adding more 2 in 1 cards to my shop. I even created a section for them today in anticipation.

I feel rejuvenated... it's funny what a dollar can do! :)

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