Saturday, February 2, 2008

dusting off the machine

I haven't used my sewing machine in a couple months (and then it was to fix something, so that doesn't really count!) so today I dusted it off to start playing with some of the felt pieces I cut out a few days ago... They are really coming along! I can't wait to make these little colorful bits into "something"... I love sitting down with supplies at hand and just letting go... creating. I start thinking that I will be making one thing and then I discover a whole new way to make it even better. It's just the best! :) I'm looking forward to finishing a couple of these projects up in the next day or two and listing them.

It's amazing to me how my mood can totally change if I just spend a little time working on an art project... I was a little grumpy this morning (although I was trying not to be), until I got in my office and started messing around with my stuff for a little while... I started feeling sooo much better. I think it's because I put aside any worries for a little while. It's a little vacation.

Well... now that my machine is all warmed up and excited to be running (it had been feeling left out), I have a few future projects lined up to make. I am looking forward to the adventure...

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