Sunday, February 24, 2008

s a t i s f i e d

I'm tired.... in that very good way, where you worked hard, played well, got a good workout type of tired. Nice competitive volleyball this morning. I LOVE it when it's like that. :) Four hours of playing flew by... a very satisfying morning.

I put together the ingredients for chicken noodle soup in the slow cooker when I got home. It sure did make the house smell all super yummy and comfy all afternoon! It ended up being a very delicious and satisfying dinner. ;)

While the soup was busy cooking I finished working on the chocolate candy bookmark that is a custom order. I'm ready to take photos tomorrow morning and list it. I also made a tag set using the leftover scraps from the Cherry Blossom Card. The papers are just sooo beautiful, I didn't want any to go to waste! They turned out so beautiful and elegant looking. I can imagine them being used in all kinds of wonderful places: scrapbooks, art journals, frames, cards, AND as exquisite gift tags! I was able to list the Cherry Blossom Tags. I am very satisfied with how they turned out.

All in all a very satisfying day... :)

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