Wednesday, February 20, 2008

good morning sunshine

I could hardly wait to get out of bed this morning! I wanted to get Cami off to school so I could hurry home and sit in my newly organized office. It sure felt wonderful! I was able to list a set of three embossed tags that I made a l-o-n-g time ago. I found them in one of my folders when I was cleaning. :) I listed them today as my daily dollar delight. They are very elegant and I'm very glad that an etsy shopper took advantage of that special!

I created a new card today... I am VERY happy with how it turned out. It will be a new addition to my "2 in 1 cards". This particular set will be the "floral collection." It has an added element to the recycle and reuse idea. I created a 3D flower that is folded up and tied with a ribbon on the front of the card. The flower "blooms" when you untie the ribbon keeping it shut. The reuse part of this flower is that I have attached it to the card with velcro... this way the recipient has the choice to reuse the flower as a beautiful gift tag or embellishment (just glue it on!) OR choose to send the entire card to someone new by removing their "note" and writing their own sentiments on the elegant paper underneath! (Then the new recipient can use the flower if they choose!) I just LOVE how this has turned out! I hope that this new line of cards will catch on for me... it's a card that keeps on giving! :)

Tonight I will work on a custom order for a chocolate bookmark, then dream about tomorrow's projects...

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