Friday, February 22, 2008

good things

Today has been faaabuuulooouuus!!!

"Good Thing #1" - My day started with a quick check of email... I found that I had the famous "etsy transaction" email! The California Roll and Chocolate Truffle No. 1 sold... Yeah! Two of my favorite items, it makes me happy to think someone else liked them too! :)

"Good Thing #2" - Shortly after checking my email my husband called... We're going to South Beach, Miami for a few days in April, compliments of his company!!! :) He's receiving recognition for last year's performance... Yeah! It's hard to imagine he and I going somewhere for a few days by OURSELVES (in other words - kidless!)...

"Good Thing #3" - Called Leila to line her up for little sister babysitting job (while we're in Miami, oh yeah...) and to see what's going on. After the "that's not fair... kids should be able to go too..." comments, she agreed to spend the days required with her sis. What's the good thing? She has the same spring break as Cami... that means she'll be able to join us this year when we visit family in Utah! Yeah!

"Good Thing #4" - Posted the new dimensional flower card that I made yesterday. It is so elegant and unique. I am so pleased with how it turned out! (...and now it's SOLD already! I think this could qualify as #5...!) :)

It's been a VERY good day...

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