Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I made another trip to buy supplies today... It was sure fun to wander the aisles and choose out a few neat fabrics. I am excited about sewing up some different things. I also ordered some sewing labels. I wasn't very happy with the one I tried making. The quality of printing on the fabric sheets just wasn't what I wanted it to be. Plus, I don't want to worry that it would fade or wash out. I spent some time putting together the logo so that I can email it out tomorrow.

Cami had ballet class this afternoon... it's so much fun to have her show me what she learned everyday after class. She's so energized and absolutely loves putting on a little performance for me. It's one of my favorite moments. She's growing so quickly. She's becoming a young woman right before my eyes. Ballet is teaching her poise, discipline, grace.... I'm very proud of her and her determination to be a great dancer (and great at whatever else she puts into her mind she wants to do!).

Leila called this evening. She was very excited to tell me that she "officially" has a boyfriend. She's looking forward to him coming to meet "the family" sometime soon. I am happy that she has found someone she enjoys spending time with, I can't wait to meet him. She deserves the best and I trust that she would choose someone who would treat her in the way she deserves.

I think about my girls and my husband and I guess that what you really want is for everyone to be happy, healthy, and satisfied with their life and their choices. I am fortunate and blessed to have grown up in a terrific family and I pray that I give the same to ours. I can't imagine life without the feelings and experiences you have within your family. I am truly grateful.

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