Monday, April 21, 2008

a c t i o n

I really enjoyed putting together a "bunch" of my chocolate magnets to use in the promo packages for UniquelyPampered. I really hope that it will bring me some business.

One of the great things about doing this project is that it pushed me to solve an issue I've been having with chocolate magnets that I've been including with orders. The problem was I didn't like handwriting my shop info on the back... The shape and the foil made it difficult to get a nice consistent look. I solved it! I designed a sticker with my tag line and shop info! It looks sooo much better! I'm glad I had to do so many chocolates, it really forced me to take the time to correct the issue. While I was at it I created another round sticker that includes my logo in the middle. Yeah! Now I had a sticker for the front of the promo bags as well! :)

I've been thinking about my "to do" list of projects. One of the reasons I've been thinking about it is due to greenbean baby art's spring clean-a-thon. I really wanted to participate but didn't get my butt in gear to get sponsors. (I was actually afraid to ask anyone... I want to feel more confident in my art and work, I hope by doing this that it will help.) I'm not going to just let it slide though. I want to create my own accountability by listing here every week what projects I plan on accomplishing that week. (I'm going to shoot for Sunday or Monday posting the week's goals and recapping the past week's list.) I need to do this! I have so many projects I want to get to and I think I sometimes need a little push. I think I'm my own worst enemy. I spend too much time "thinking!" It's time to DO!

I love to create... it's time to stop being afraid. It's time to stop worrying that it won't be perfect, or about what other people think (although I do hope people enjoy my creations!). I am excited and a little nervous. This will be a new adventure... It's time to take action!

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