Wednesday, April 2, 2008

crown of buttons

The spring nymph put the crown of buttons on her head and danced in the flowers with glee…

This is what I thought as I made my new adjustable headband! I corrected the items that I didn't like about yesterday's samples. It's so cute and I love how it's a small, medium, and large - all in one! This one fits 18 to 20 inch heads... perfect toddler-to-kid sizes!! I plan on making a newborn/baby version and an adult size also. I think it would be so cute to have matching mother-daughter headbands... wouldn't that be wonderful for Mother's Day? :) I have another fabric chosen and ready to go. I think I'll make it in the adult size to make sure my pattern works out as nicely.

I didn't get a chance to complete the other items on my list from yesterday, but all in all, I feel satisfied with what I did accomplish today.

Dancing with the Stars: UPDATE! Julie called me today to tell me that she watched back the episode that we went to AND that she saw me!!! I had my second and a half of fame! :) Of course, I had forgotten to record it so I was a little upset that I couldn't check it out... but then I remembered that we live in the internet age and I checked out the website... lo and behold, FULL EPISODES!!! Needless to say, I HAD to check it out! If you didn't know where to look it would be hard to spot me... but I found it and was able to show Cami and Norm. Now I can pretend like I'm famous the rest of the day! :)

1 comment:

  1. This is such a cute headband.

    I can't believe you can't get everything on your list done. PUT DOWN THE BON BON'S!!! LOL!

    Luv ya


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