Monday, April 28, 2008

home again AND first weekly "project list"

The Vegas Volleyball Tournament was AWESOME! Although we had some major injuries occur during the tournament (Tram, Julie, & Robert) we had such a great time. We had FUN together. I love it when you can be competitive AND joke around. Our "Get Some" team was Julie, Art, Tram, Dale, Anna, Robert, Jared (thanks for saving us!), and me. Tram took some AMAZING PHOTOS of our team in action. I can hardly wait for the next tournament! (Heal quickly everyone!)

I also had such a wonderful time with my mom and sister... We had a lovely dinner together Saturday night and celebrated Heather's birthday. It's always such a treat when we are able to spend a "girls weekend" out. It's another benefit of my twice a year Vegas Volleyball tournament! :)

It was a very big weekend! Leila went with a BUNCH of her friends and her boyfriend to the big 3 day Coachella concert. She had a terrific time! I can hardly wait to see pictures. She stopped by the house today on her way back to school with souvenirs for all of us. Super thoughtful and sweet! :)

Norm & Cami partied it up while I was gone (of course!)! They spent the day Saturday with friends, swimming and barbecuing and relaxing... sounds nice, huh?!

I didn't get home last night from Vegas until around midnight... I've been a little sluggish (not to mention sore!) today. It's also been VERY hot here AND our air conditioning system is broken. We've been getting quotes but it will be another couple of weeks until it's replaced. It's a good thing that it cools off some at night!

Last week I mentioned that I would begin to list projects at the beginning of each week that I wanted to create. These project(s) must be art and/or craft related. (I can't say... I will "do the laundry.") The purpose of this is to push myself and not allow myself to spend as much time procrastinating about each idea that pops into my head. I want to see some of these ideas to completion. I feel like if I'm having to "list" these projects and recap my progress at the end of the week, I may actually begin to get beyond my own art barriers. Alright... enough with the self reflection! :)

Chocolate Magnet Set with Decorated Tin
CA Roll - Sushi (Faux Food/Pincushion)
Blossom Card - 2 in 1 card - New paper pattern
FINISH "the purse"

I have so many projects on my BIG list... I feel really good about starting to chip away at them. It's going to be exciting to see more items listed on etsy and to see my "gift" list items checked off. I hope to have a head start this year for the holidays! :)

I did work on the magnet set/tin today and should be able to take photos and list it tomorrow.

I had such an exciting and wonderful weekend... but... it's soooo nice to be home. :)

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