Monday, April 14, 2008


Ok.... so today I planned on giving the BIG update on how the trip to Miami was and how fun Norm and I had and the story about me being TERRIBLY seasick on the deep sea fishing trip... blah-blah-blah-

All that seems like old news now. My little baby MINI was injured today... (sniff) I am soooo sad. I was driving to pick up Cami from ballet, a truck was stopped on the street (looked like he was talking to some neighbors standing on the sidewalk) so I stopped so I could see whether he was going to get driving again or whether I should go around him. I suddenly see his back-up lights go on and he begins backing up QUICKLY I slam on the horn but it's too late. He totally SMASHED into my sweet little baby... (sniff, sniff) He said he had decided to back up and go down a different street since there was some smoke down the street. (I guess he thought that would be better than just TURNING around!!!!!) He said he didn't hear his back up beeper make a noise!!!!????!!! Can you even believe it! CRAZY!!! He didn't even turn and LOOK! :(

Sooo.... I guess the good news is...
1. he has insurance
2. he lives just a few houses away (easier to give angry looks to the truck that hurt my baby everyday)
3. no one was hurt (except my sweet little baby)
4. many people saw it happen
...I can't think of anything else good right now.

We'll see what the damage is tomorrow when we get it to the shop. (hold on there sweetie... you'll be good as new...)

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  1. Holly... that is terrible! I am so sad for you and your baby. I don't think I can tell my girls. You know how they favor your baby over mine. Ü They would be devastated.

    Luv ya


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