Wednesday, April 9, 2008

t o m o r r o w

We leave TOMORROW!!!! I can't believe it... I'm soooo excited, yet nervous. The nervous part is just the worry about Cami and Leila. It feels so odd to think they aren't coming with us. I just want them to be safe while we're gone...

I have to hurry and get my stuff packed up. I did find a casual yet fancy sandal today (finally)! I feel like I'm all ready! Norm wondered why I had to get all this stuff to go to another state... I told him it was just the catalyst to do something I SHOULD have done a LONG time ago. I think he agrees..... He's planning on taking some of my old wardrobe pieces on "a long drive, in a pillowcase." What do you think he means by this? :)

Well... I better get back to making sure I'm set to go... I only have an hour left because I have volleyball tonight. My team's in playoffs this week!


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